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This audio program expands upon the original Amazing Development of Men with three times more information. It also features comments by 12 men, adding their experiences to the Stages of Development. Make sense of men’s evolution, avoid the most common misunderstandings and mistakes, and harness men’s natural drives for more romance, better fathers and motivated employees.
Exclusive to our site ~ Do you have anyone in your life that appears stubborn? Resistant? Hard to work with? Or are you the one that’s lost your passion and energy for your work or relationship? In this recording of a live teleclass, Alison will teach you the predictable outcomes of the Appreciation Equation — and how to use that knowledge to cause more joy, satisfaction, cooperation and productivity.
Sometimes life brings us sorrow, heartbreak and disappointment. And the aftermath of these experiences can leave us separated from our own experience of love and passion. So how do we get it back? This audio recording of a live event with Alison provides illumination, insight, and real-time surprises.
Imagine being an architect and designing all of your relationships to express your values, fulfill your dreams and nurture you from dawn-to-dark. That’s what is possible with this amazing tool from Alison Armstrong. This audio recording of a live event with Alison is suitable for transforming a family or workplace.
Exclusive to our site ~ Telling the truth is one of those practices that definitely goes under the category of "simple, but not easy." No matter how committed we are to telling it like it is, many of us will avoid difficult conversations in the hopes of avoiding a blow up. Which, ironically, causes the very blow up we were hoping to avoid when the truth finally explodes out of us!
Exclusive to our site ~ Did you know that complaining about something is the sure-fire way to make sure a man does nothing about it? And the easiest way to kill your sex life in the process?! With this recording of a live teleclass, you’ll learn the “Anatomy of a Complaint” so you can cure your own desire to complain, and transform the effects of the chronic complainers in your life.
Exclusive to our site ~ In her newest contribution to parenting, Alison turns the tables so we can see our parents' behavior from the needs and desires of being a child ourselves. She illuminates what every parent is struggling with as they attempt to protect and provide for their offspring. Expect insight, healing, forgiveness and greater access to parenting as an expression of who you really are.
Exclusive to our site ~ A fundamental skill in all types of relationships is knowing how to ask for what you need and desire. In this recording of a live teleclass, Alison breaks down the elements of an effective ASK, teaches you how to be flexible in the dialog, and lays out the follow up — you know, when someone says "Yes" and then doesn't do it!
Understand the Conflicts. End the Confusion. Make the Right Choices.
Our most popular program and credited by many happy couples. Grab onto fun, intimacy, and satisfaction in dating. Learn how to get what you need from your dating counterparts. Understand how “false advertising” sabotages your efforts to have satisfying relationships. Get In Sync with your dreams and the opposite sex.
A Novel by Alison A. Armstrong
This is a story of love, friendship and rekindled romance during a man’s mid-life crisis. Follow the lives of four unforgettable characters as they learn to understand each other in a profoundly heart-warming way. It will change the way you see all the men in your life — past, present and future. Available in eBook, Kindle, Nook or Audio CD read by Alison.
Exclusive to our site ~ What if the romantic ideal of anticipating our loved-ones’ desires causes needless sacrifice? And leaves us with less patience, passion and power? In this recording of a live workshop, Alison brings the most advanced concepts she’s been developing at Core Partnership and A Hero’s Challenge to cause a breakthrough for men and women in being more satisfied and successful partners.
A Woman's Guide to a Lifetime of Love, Care and Attention from All Men
Step into Alison’s world, where love, care and attention from men are normal and relied upon — and a way of life available for every woman. This book can be your guide, an unexpected friend, even a prophecy for your future. Funny, information-packed text, illustrative charts and enlightening side-bars will deliver priceless insights into men, their motivations and their inspirations.
Exclusive to our site ~ For years, mothers and fathers have been asking for help and illumination regarding parenting in partnership. In this recording of a live teleclass, Alison offers insight into being a parent based in honoring differences in gender, both as parents and in our children. She also reveals how human instincts set us up for conflict, suffering and failure. Learn how to apply the principles of partnership to yourself, your children and your co-parents and care-providers.
The long-awaited sequel to Keys to the Kingdom, The Queen’s Code reveals the secret to communicating with men, and a code of honor that will change your relationship to yourself and men forever.
Needing a whole new approach to consciously create more fun, love and joy during the holiday season? Transform your Experience with THRIVE the Holidays! Pinpoint what matters most, focus your attention and resources to cause what you want and prevent what you don’t, and free yourself from traditional or historical burdens and pressures ~ in any situation, throughout the year!
Exclusive to our site ~ To have the connected and loving relationship you desire, getting the right skills and understanding is critical. Learn the 5 things Men Need Most from Women and what love adds up to for men. Find out what to accept and what to not accept (he’ll admire you for it!). And learn the questions that take your relationships from good to great.
Exclusive to our site ~ Most people hate being lied to - especially because then we have to wonder "What's real?" and "How can I trust this person?" But what if we cause people to lie? And what if we can inspire more honesty?
Exclusive to our site ~ Alison illuminates what makes it near impossible to trust men in every area of life. What if understanding why you can't trust them is the key to getting more honesty, connection, support and commitment from men? From dating to marriage, from intimacy to goals, from work to family, even from moment-to-moment, there are good reasons women can't trust men to do what's needed, what matters or what's expected.
Exclusive to our site ~ In Alison's newest webinar program, discover which Drivers matters to you the most and have been calling the shots all along. You will learn how each Driver comes with predictable needs, conflicts and sources of dissatisfaction, because our Dominant Driver is NEVER fulfilled. See your unique expression of these motivations, and improve your ability to get what you need and desire. Ultimately, have the power to choose what compels you! This is the most up-to-date version of the celebrated Journey to the Center of You.