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~ Is your relationship EVERYTHING you hoped?

~ Have you given up on what you thought it could be -- or lowered your standards?

~Are you suffering from lack of support, affection or passion?

~Or losing respect or admiration?

~ Are you worried about your future?



for up to 12 MONTHS

Limited to 20 Couples

"Love vs. In Love"

  • There are no prerequisites for the Intensive.
  • It requires a strong desire and commitment to transform your relationship and how you honor yourself in it.
  • There is a treasure chest of resources to get started on. Apply early for plenty of time.
  • You'll need about 4 hours per week to watch, listen, learn and apply Alison's curriculum to yourself and your life.
  • Being in an existing relationship is required (if you're not yet, see the Smart Singles Intensive).
  • The focus is romantic relationships. And ~ it's the commitment to EXTRAORDINARY that matters ~ inquire if you have a business or family relationship you want to make extraordinary instead, as the principles remain the same.



  • Begin with a Private Individual Conversation so Alison can understand what matters EACH of you most. Customizing your ERI journey begins immediately.
  • Receive monthly group support leading up to your UltraLUX experience and preparing for the ERI Foundation weekend.
  • Participate LIVE and by Replay in a new ERI Foundation Webinar Weekend with Alison, devoted to foundational topics to jumpstart your extraordinary abilities.
  • Participate in 11 Live Group Sessions with Alison for 75 minutes, devoted to key elements highlighted from the course content and the topics below. (Calls are recorded and downloadable for your library. They take place twice per month on Thursdays.)
  • Get Alison's help with customizing the information for your relationship, in 6 private, 75-minute Coaching Calls.


  • In Love Bubble vs. Love Space: Restore, Nurture and Expand the sources of magical moments, delightful attraction and profound love
  • Dominant Drivers: Use this core understanding of yourselves to successfully design Complementary Lives and Shared Futures
  • Delicious Sexual Partnership: Co-create Safety, Revelation, Acceptance and Exploration; nurture Passion and Connection
  • Time and Money: Align the Spending, Saving, Investing, Respecting, and Resourcing of these life components
  • Objectification and Emasculation: Disengage the deliberate and unconscious labelling that creates the illusion of control and certainty
  • Restoring Yourself, Your Partner and Your Bond: Develop, use and celebrate the power of Noble Healing and Noble Forgiveness
  • Noble Qualities and Noble Needs: Give and Receive support in a Process of Honoring; shift from Projecting to Verifying
  • Worth It Calculations: See and honor yours and your partner's
  • Short Lists: Learn the simplest way to get more of what you want and need in any area!
  • Appreciation: Work with the Equations, Currencies and Exchange Rates to enrich your life and love
  • Independence and Self-Sufficiencies: Discern what's worth Protecting, Supporting and Surrendering
  • Character, Qualities and Behavior: Discern and solve for what you "Can't Live With/Without" and what you're "Better Off With/Without"
  • Power-More and Power-Less: Unravel the worst moments in our relationships driven by the perception and use of power. Learn to empower for both your benefit
  • Receiving and Providing: Shift from "Shoveling" and Taking to true Giving and Receiving; understand the use of the What, the How and the When
  • Stating the Obvious: Commit to using Clues to achieve Bull's-Eye results and Extraordinary satisfaction!


All the Understanding Level
Being Extraordinary Online Courses

(Includes 2 copies of each)

  • Understanding Men
  • Understanding Women
  • Understanding Sex & Intimacy
  • Understanding Love & Commitment
  • Being Extraordinary as a Man
  • Being Extraordinary as a Woman
  • Extreme Freedom
  • Critical Missing Pieces

UltraLUX: Liberation. Understanding. Xtraordinary Relationships

LIVE with ALISON Online

And Replay

Extraordinary Relationships Foundation Weekend Webinar

LIVE with ALISON Online

And Replay

7 Audio Programs

  • Celebrating Partnership with Workbook
  • The Appreciation Equation
  • Why Men Lie, Why Women Lie
  • Coughing Up the Truth
  • The Cure for Complaining
  • A Great ASK and Beyond
  • Loving More by Sacrificing Less

5 Online Programs

  • Amazing Development of Men 2nd Edition
  • In Sync with the Opposite Sex
  • Your Hidden Dominant Drivers
  • What a Man Needs Most
  • Why You Can't Trust Men to Tell the Truth

2 E-Books

  • The Queen's Code
  • Making Sense of Men

$24,995 as a Couple Participating Equally

Payment Plan Available


Alternative Option
for One Partner to Take the Lead

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