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~ Is your relationship EVERYTHING you hoped?

~ Have you given up on what you thought it could be -- or lowered your standards?

~Are you suffering from lack of support, affection or passion?

~Or losing respect or admiration?

~ Are you worried about your future?



for up to 12 MONTHS

"Love vs. In Love"

  • There are no prerequisites for the Intensive.
  • It requires a strong desire and commitment to transform your relationship and how you honor yourself in it.
  • There is a treasure chest of resources to get started on.
  • You'll need about 4 hours per week to watch, listen, learn and apply Alison's curriculum to yourself and your life.
  • The focus is romantic relationships. And ~ it's the commitment to EXTRAORDINARY that matters ~ inquire if you have a business or family relationship you want to make extraordinary instead, as the principles remain the same.


  • In Love Bubble vs. Love Space: Restore, Nurture and Expand the sources of magical moments, delightful attraction and profound love
  • Dominant Drivers: Use this core understanding of yourselves to successfully design Complementary Lives and Shared Futures
  • Delicious Sexual Partnership: Co-create Safety, Revelation, Acceptance and Exploration; nurture Passion and Connection
  • Time and Money: Align the Spending, Saving, Investing, Respecting, and Resourcing of these life components
  • Objectification and Emasculation: Disengage the deliberate and unconscious labelling that creates the illusion of control and certainty
  • Restoring Yourself, Your Partner and Your Bond: Develop, use and celebrate the power of Noble Healing and Noble Forgiveness
  • Noble Qualities and Noble Needs: Give and Receive support in a Process of Honoring; shift from Projecting to Verifying
  • Worth It Calculations: See and honor yours and your partner's
  • Short Lists: Learn the simplest way to get more of what you want and need in any area!
  • Appreciation: Work with the Equations, Currencies and Exchange Rates to enrich your life and love
  • Independence and Self-Sufficiencies: Discern what's worth Protecting, Supporting and Surrendering
  • Character, Qualities and Behavior: Discern and solve for what you "Can't Live With/Without" and what you're "Better Off With/Without"
  • Power-More and Power-Less: Unravel the worst moments in our relationships driven by the perception and use of power. Learn to empower for both your benefit
  • Receiving and Providing: Shift from "Shoveling" and Taking to true Giving and Receiving; understand the use of the What, the How and the When
  • Stating the Obvious: Commit to using Clues to achieve Bull's-Eye results and Extraordinary satisfaction!


All the Understanding Level
Being Extraordinary Online Courses

(Includes 2 copies of each)

  • Understanding Men
  • Understanding Women
  • Understanding Sex & Intimacy
  • Understanding Love & Commitment
  • Being Extraordinary as a Man
  • Being Extraordinary as a Woman
  • Extreme Freedom
  • Critical Missing Pieces

7 Audio Programs

  • Celebrating Partnership with Workbook
  • The Appreciation Equation
  • Why Men Lie, Why Women Lie
  • Coughing Up the Truth
  • The Cure for Complaining
  • A Great ASK and Beyond
  • Loving More by Sacrificing Less

5 Online Programs

  • Amazing Development of Men 2nd Edition
  • In Sync with the Opposite Sex
  • Your Hidden Dominant Drivers
  • What a Man Needs Most
  • Why You Can't Trust Men to Tell the Truth

2 E-Books

  • The Queen's Code
  • Making Sense of Men

"As a Doctor in Clinical Psychology, I have invested hundreds of thousands of hours, over 1.5 million dollars, and have traveled the world for personal growth, formation, and transformation. I have been able to be and learn from some of the best thinkers in the world. With all that said, I had been unable to figure out a way to honor myself or my ex-husband until I started my journey with Alison. From the very first time I spoke with Alison, she helped illuminate the cause of my suffering and what I could do about it honoring both myself and my ex-husband. I went from unclear, stuck, and fearful; to bold, optimistic, and grateful. As a result, we are both better off than before. It is brilliant! I cannot imagine how I could have done it without you, Alison. Very grateful for our work together." ~ Annette D., Panama

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