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Celebrating Partnership with Alison Armstrong™
8 Hours and 15 minutes of audio plus companion workbook. Available for Download mp3 + PDF Workbook or Audio CDs + Workbooks.

We long for true partnerships in our romantic, family and workplace relationships, but are often met with resistance or, at best, reluctant support. Wouldn't it be wonderful if creating the spirit of partnership was a simple, repeatable process?

Once again, Alison uses her extensive knowledge and sense of humor about the sexes to illuminate the most hazardous of human endeavors — Partnership

Listen to a sample now!

Use Celebrating Partnership with Alison Armstrong to design powerful, fulfilling partnerships with all the men and women in your life:

  • Apply Alison’s unique understanding of how differently men and women think, speak, listen, collaborate, and approach planning and implementation.
  • Honor the strengths, challenges and needs of both sexes.
  • Heal the past hurts and insults that prevent you and your partners from participating full out.
  • Skillfully incorporate each other's genius and passions in consciously designing the Plan for your relationship, family or business.
  • Set conflict and compromise aside. Use Alison’s “Let’s Make a Deal” method to leave everyone grinning in unprecedented satisfaction.

“Imagine being an architect and designing all your relationships to express your values, fulfill your dreams and nurture you from dawn-to-dark... That is what's possible with this unique combination of eye-opening information and the best methods I’ve created to-date.”

Alison Armstrong

This product is available as Download mp3 files with PDF Workbook or as CDs with Workbooks.

*If you already have the Celebrating Partnership Audio and need to purchase Workbooks, you can do that above. PLEASE NOTE: The workbook is not a stand alone product and will not substitute for the audio materials! To receive the results, you must use the two together.

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