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Game-Changing Bundle

For people who love reading,
and want to understand the source of the conflicts
and misunderstandings between men and women.

The Game-Changing E-Book Bundle includes these E-Books on the Alison Armstrong Mobile App:

Keys to the Kingdom E-Book
The Queen's Code E-Book
Making Sense of Men E-Book

Keys to the Kingdom - E-Book

A Novel by Alison A. Armstrong

This is a story of love, friendship and rekindled romance during a man's mid-life crisis. Follow the lives of four unforgettable characters as they learn to understand each other in a profoundly heart-warming way. It will change the way you see all the men in your life - past, present and future.

The Queen's Code - E-Book

A Novel by Alison A. Armstrong

Accompany the eight characters of The Queen's Code in a profoundly romantic (and sometimes scintillating) story of illumination and liberation. Experience more understanding and compassion for yourself and others, as these men and women confront their own prejudices, misconceptions and frustrations. This long-awaited sequel to Keys to the Kingdom offers profound insight and practical solutions.

Making Sense of Men - E-Book

A Woman's Guide to a Lifetime of Love, Care and Attention from All Men


Step into Alison's world, where love, care and attention from men are normal and relied upon - and a way of life available for every woman. This book can be your guide, an unexpected friend, even a prophecy for your future. Funny, information-packed text, illustrative charts and enlightening side-bars will deliver priceless insights into men, their motivations and their inspirations.

Game-Changing E-Book Bundle

Items Sold Separately = $27.85

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Now 35% Off!

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Game Changing Bundle $18.10
Keys to the Kingdom - eBook
Making Sense of Men eBook
The Queen's Code - eBook
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On Sale!

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