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Coughing Up the Truth

Coughing Up the Truth

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"Telling the truth is one of those practices that definitely goes under the category of 'simple, but not easy.' No matter how committed we are to telling it like it is, many of us will avoid difficult conversations in the hopes of avoiding a blow up. Which, ironically, causes the very blow up we were hoping to avoid when the truth finally explodes out of us!" — Alison Armstrong

In this Audio Program, you will:

  • Learn how the Truth always upsets the apple cart, even when it's good news.
  • Learn how to prepare for telling the Truth, including having clarity, setting up the conversation, and having enough mental and emotional space for the Blow Up.
  • Learn how to work through the cycle of Cough it Up, Blow it Up and Clean it Up so that your partnerships are left better than ever.
  • Hear Alison's answers to common questions asked during the recorded program

Coughing Up the Truth

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