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Great Ask and Beyond

Great Ask and Beyond

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"While most people acknowledge that they are afraid of getting a 'NO,' we don't talk enough about how hesitant we are to follow up a 'YES.' People wonder if putting pressure on folks to do what they committed to might 'ruin it,' causing the person to withdraw their 'Yes.' Or might it make them hesitant to ever say 'Yes' again if you're actually going to expect them to deliver? Can you see how this would leave us with just the hope and prayer that people will come through – without any real power or certainty? — Alison Armstrong

Get the clarity and freedom this approach to your needs provides in every context!

  • Do you assume people already know what you need and are purposefully holding out on you?
  • Do you think it's obvious why you need these things?
  • Do you strategize to get people to do what you want?
  • Do you assume that once you ask, people should handle it from there?

In this Audio Program, we explore:

  • The 4 distinct elements of a "Great Ask" – Find out why both male and female instincts will prevent you from saying every one of them!
  • The dire consequences of not being direct and asking for what you need.
  • Variations on the dialogue to customize your ASK to romantic, family and work situations, including how to make a great ASK out of someone's complaints or mumblings.
  • The critical extra ingredient that determines success or failure – how much pressure you use and what kind of pressure it is.
  • A simple, practical process for escalating the conversation when other people don't fulfill their commitments.

In addition, hear Alison's answers to common questions asked during the recorded program.

Great Ask and Beyond

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