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For Men and Women who Desire...

Passionate, Loving, Committed, Fun and Fulfilling Relationships

Understanding Love & Commitment

~ For every woman who wants to be both wise and wonderful with the love of her life, whether she's creating a new relationship or revitalizing the one she has.

~ And for every man who wants to make sense of the confounding approach women have to what should be a simple, obvious and practical situation: relationships.

You will:

  • Understand the huge differences in how men and women experience commitment, marriage and the progression of relationships
  • Learn "The 12 things That Make a Woman the Right Person to Marry"
  • Discover what causes you to pursue people who bring out your worst ~ and what to do about it!
  • Find out what women need to be great in romantic relationships...instead of a doormat, nag or worse
  • See why women often become the opposite of what men need to get married and stay happily married
  • Learn how to solve predictable conflicts to create a structure for love, romance, and satisfaction
  • End the frustration, confusion and injuries to your self-esteem that come from "failing" at relationships
  • If you're getting over a relationship - End the cycle of suffering, make peace with your past, and heal so you can love again
  • And much, much more!
Understanding Sex & Intimacy

~ For every woman who wants to feel more desirable and have more freedom, satisfaction and fun with sex

~ And for every man who wants to understand what's really going on with women and optimize their sex life

You will:

  • Learn what women need to be receptive to enjoy and initiate sex.
  • Discover what sex means to men physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Understand what it takes to keep the passion alive in a long-term intimate relationship
  • Understand how women consistently misinterpret men's sexual behavior and attitudes
  • Find out how to shift sex from a chore, burden or duty to a source of connection and extreme pleasure.
  • Find out how we're affected by sexual trauma and unconscious learnings, and be healed and liberated from anything you are willing to release
  • Find out what leads to infidelity so you can prevent it, heal from it, and restore your honor and confidence
  • Discover the real meaning of pornography for both sexes
  • See how to honor yourself and experience the sex life of your dreams
  • And much, much more!

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"I've been divorced for 18 years. I couldn't figure out why I didn't marry again. When I started the first day, I had resistance, but allowed myself to stay. Now I realize my door was completely shut and I wasn't allowing a man in. My door is wide open again for partnership now. I know how to get my needs met and I know they will be met. Thank you for the new beginning of my life."
— Jeanette Wilson, Self-Employed


"This course not only put the fun back in the bedroom, it also helped clear out any ghosts under the bed. I appreciate the clean slate for my next romantic encounter."
— Pilisa Connor, Artist

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