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Connecting through Conflict

Whether you're part of a "Romantic Couple", a "Working Couple", or have encounters with parents, offspring, co-workers or clients ~ you can turn conflict from something dreaded into something welcomed. And, consciously put conflict to use in causing deeper, stronger connections with yourself and others.

Based on over 30 years of studying men, women ~ and all kinds of "relationships" ~ Alison will illuminate:

  • The 4 most common kinds of Conflict: from relatively minor irritations to bona fide needs, and heart-crushing disappointments to real deal-breakers
  • The most valuable kinds of Connection
  • A context you can adopt to see conflict through to happier futures
  • What NOT to DO if you don't want the conflict to cause lasting damage
  • Ways to access creative, honoring and sustainable (even, FUN) resolutions.
  • How a thoughtful approach to Conflict can reliably improve affinity, intimacy, productivity and your quality of life!


4 Video Series Topics

Includes: Do You Dis~Connect with Conflict? Webinar Recording to watch first, as it builds the foundation.

Connecting through Conflict Package - with Bonus $95.00
Connecting through Conflict
Do You Dis-Connect with Conflict?

Do you already have Do You Dis~Connect with Conflict? Get your Credit!