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Recommended by Alison

Trusted Source on COVID-19

Alison recommends the John Hopkins Center for Health Security as her trusted source for facts, information and updates about COVID-19.

Terry DeNeui

Understanding Your Hormones

This information page was created because of Alison's commitment to men and women at least knowing what's happening in their bodies (and brains) because of hormone levels. Especially the difference between "normal" and "well-being" because, in our society, normal is NOT good! Alison's doctor, Terri DeNeui, has contributed immensely to the quality of Alison's life. "I couldn't do half of what I do without the health, energy and focus Terri has helped me achieve."


These books are valuable additions to our programs and products. We've learned from these authors and consider them partners in unraveling the mystery of the sexes and the predicament of gender.

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