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What a Man Needs Most from a Woman

ONLY $19 for 30 Days

Learn the 5 things Men Need Most from Women

  • Understand why a man does what he does...and doesn't!
  • Learn what love adds up to for men
  • Find out what to accept and what to not accept (he'll admire you for it!)
  • The questions that'll take your relationship from good to great
  • Illuminate why just telling a man you love him...doesn't cause him to feel loved

"This was so helpful. Both validating and enlightening. I found myself crying at a few different places because I can't believe that we don't all learn these things from the get-go. How much grief and trouble would be saved if we taught this to EVERYONE early on. Thank you!" ~ Abigail, Berkeley, USA

To have the connected and loving relationship you desire,
getting the right skills and understanding is critical.

  • Ladies: Learn the secrets of what a man needs most from a woman so you can cause the life with a man you always wanted… and get the happiness you crave.
  • Gentlemen: Understand what women aren't getting about you, and why... Have an even better understanding of yourself, and what you need to be your best

What a Man Needs Most from a Woman

2 hours & 42 minutes

This is available because the content makes such a difference for men and women. However, it's discounted because the audio quality is not to our standards and not representative of our online curriculum.

“This course was a fabulous overview of what men find attractive and important. It complements Alison's book, "Making Sense of Men". I thoroughly enjoy Alison's perspectives on men's behavior and how women have the ability to influence it. I highly recommend this course and look forward to taking more.” ~ Jessica, Salt Lake City, USA

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