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Unhealthy Men: The Secrets of Early Detection

(Alison recommends also listening to When Is Narcissism Real? (above) to learn more about interacting with women and men you may consider "unhealthy".)

Audio by Alison Armstrong (33.0 MB)


Healing Your Heart, Restoring Your Honor

Audio by Alison Armstrong

Recorded in 2012, these recordings introduce Nobles Healing in concept and method. The online course Extreme Freedom provides more Noble Healing, as well as Noble Forgiveness, Noble Rightness and other restoration techniques. Learn more below in the Healing Hearts webinar.

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Session 2 (35 MB)


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Handout: Healing Your Heart Teleclass Handouts.pdf (34 kB)

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Healing Hearts: Free Yourself From Pain and Hurt

Learn More About the Why and How of Extreme Freedom

Take Me to Extreme Freedom

Alison has been a guest on The Dennis Prager Show since 2004. She has been the only recurring guest on the weekly Male/Female hour since its inception.

“Alison explains male and female nature in profound and original ways. Frankly, she's a genius.” — Dennis Prager

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For more information about Dennis Prager on the radio, visit Dennis Prager.

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