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Dating with Distinctions

Dating can be a Life-Draining, Fruitless Ordeal

Because we're mostly in the dark, without distinctions in:

"In supporting the men and women of the Smart Singles Intensive, I've developed an urgent need to prevent the needless suffering I've witnessed ~ for everyone!

Too much time, energy and heartache is being wasted due to misconceptions, a lack of self-knowledge, fear of reactions to self-honoring, confusion about our real needs versus cultural norms, and normal ignorance about the tremendous instinctual impulses mucking things up beneath the surface." — Alison Armstrong

Co-Ed Webinar Series

4 Zoom LIVE sessions: February 8, 15, 22 & March 1

6:30 - 7:45 PM Pacific Time

Includes access to the Video Recordings through April 1

Space is Limited - Register Now

Series Topic Schedule:
February 8 Session 1 The Myth of Progression
February 15 Session 2 Before Your Bodies Collide
February 22 Session 3 Simple Pain-Less Sorting
March 1 Session 4 Put Dating Apps to Work!

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