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Keys to the Kingdom
A Novel by Alison A. Armstrong

Keys to the Kingdom appeals to both women and men. The topics discussed within are surprisingly simple to use and contain the insights to profoundly alter the relationships between spouses, lovers, friends, co-workers, and parents and their children.

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A story of love, friendship and rekindled romance.

Claudia Lambert is an elderly woman with an unusual history: her family has been studying men and their behavior for five hundred years. Karen Trevini is a school teacher struggling in her nineteen-year marriage. In Keys to the Kingdom, a chance encounter between these two women leads to an extraordinary exchange of information that transforms Karen's relationship to all men and changes her husband's life forever.

Much of the information acquired during Alison's fifteen-year study of men is brought to life by the novel's charming and genuine characters. This heartfelt story communicates the type of wisdom taught in Understanding Men Online.

"By using the knowledge and skills gently taught in this book, peace between women and men will be more easily attained." — John Gray, Ph.D. & Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

"I have shared this book with all the women in my life, and it has bonded and stretched us each in unique and profound ways. I thank Alison for shining the light on the more confusing aspects of my relationship with men. She has inspired courage in me to have a deeper intimacy and trust with the many men in my life." — Alanis Morissette, Singer-Songwriter

In Keys to the Kingdom, Alison A. Armstrong takes you on a journey of discovery into the workings of men, women, and relationships.

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