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The Queen's Code Audiobook

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"I just listened to the preface and introduction, and the first chapter. I am stunned...tears were rolling down my cheeks. I can't tell you how happy I am that I purchased this audiobook with Alison reading it!!! ...Even though I have her ebook and of course, the book, Alison's voice resonates with emotions and a clarity that only SHE could convey." — MJP, Texas

Praise from Gina S. for The Queen's Code Audiobook

Accompany the women and men of The Queen's Code in a profoundly romantic story of liberation, while experiencing your own journey of illumination, self-discovery and healing. Create more understanding and compassion for yourself and others, as the 8 characters of The Queen's Code confront their own prejudices, misconceptions and frustrations. Embrace and transform the predictable, even inevitable conflicts between opposite sexes in romance, family, work and friendship.

Excerpt from the Audiobook

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