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Loving More By Sacrificing Less
3 Hours & 45 Minutes Audio Downloadable MP3s + Plus PDF handout
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What if honoring yourself made you more attractive, more interesting, more valuable, more lovable and more adorable?

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The feminine drive to please and the masculine drive to provide compel both men and women to spend time, money and energy on each other. This is good. The problem is that both genders project their needs and desires upon everyone else: lovers, children, friends, employees, employers, clients, etc. This causes us to sacrifice needlessly, leaving us less than we really are and are meant to be. It also has us waste our resources and be left under-appreciated by consistently missing the bulls-eye of satisfying another. — Alison Armstrong

In this recording, Alison brings advanced concepts she's been developing to cause a breakthrough for men and women in loving more by sacrificing less.

You will learn:

  • How to use a Great ASK to honor your own needs for physical, mental, and emotional space. And what that provides for others will register in your consciousness, so that "holding your space" becomes a gift to yourself and your partners.
  • How to have a Great GIVE, the complement to a Great ASK, and stop wasting your energy on things that don't really matter to those you are pleasing and providing for.
  • The true price of Sacrifice and be clear that it is not worth it to you or the people you are Sacrificing for. And you'll learn how Appreciation makes saying yes a pleasure instead of a Sacrifice.
  • Hear Alison's answers to common questions asked by participants during the live program.

Downloadable Audio and eBooks are non-refundable