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Your Hidden Dominant Drivers

ONLY $99 for 30 Days

What If Your True Motives are UnKnown to You?

~ Do you or others question how you spend your time? Your money? Your energy?

~ Do you understand why you're completely compelled or left unmotivated?

~ Are other people's motives and priorities strange to you? Or an obstacle?

~ There are 6 Distinct "Drivers"~

The hierarchy of these drivers makes each of us very different in our approach to every aspect of life.

Discover which Drivers matter to you most and have been calling the shots all along.

  • Learn how each Driver comes with predictable needs, conflicts and sources of dissatisfaction, because our Dominant Driver is NEVER fulfilled.
  • Transform blindness, frustration, hurt feelings and disrespect into clarity, honoring yourself then others, and creating compatibility without compromise.
  • See your unique expression of these motivations, and improve your ability to get what you need and desire.
  • Find out what makes something "obvious" to you and NOT obvious to someone else.
  • Improve your ability to focus on what's important to you while gaining understanding for the resistance you receive from others.
  • Finally experience being seen, heard, understood and received all the way to your core.
  • Watch the "light bulbs" go off as Alison illuminates what's below the surface.

Your Hidden Dominant Drivers

3 hours & 38 minutes

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