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License Partners

All of our License Partners are graduates of the PAX Mastery & Leadership Program, where they received training and verification of their understanding of and ability to teach core distinctions of our curriculum. They include these distinctions in their business consulting, coaching practices and therapy practices at their discretion, utilizing PAX information for up to 40% of their content, over time. License Partners uniquely integrate our information with their expertise in a wide range of professions.

Bette & Michael Friedlander

Bette & Michael Friedlander, Blissfully Married

Falling asleep in-love, and waking joyful next to the person you adore is Bette and Michael Friedlander's wish for every couple. They know it's possible because they experience it. Incorporating PAX distinctions every day in their marriage is what makes this possible. It is for that reason that they launched Blissfully Married. Their first online program, Everyday Bliss: A Married Woman's Pathway To More Love, Joy and Satisfaction, is now available.

Blissfully Married

Cherie Healey

Cherie Healey

Cherie Healey is a Board Certified Coach, Master Obstacle Remover and Game Changer...a charismatic leader known to get people what they want. Cherie advises the people who are hungry to push the edges of who they are and how they play in this life: Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Inspired, Creative people who simply need the path cleared and some new skills to get there. Whether you want to be a better lover or change the world, if you want to start a business or lead like never before, if you're ready to up your game or understand why you're here, Cherie will short circuit a lifetime of learning, get you into total alignment and guide you into the best years of your life. Get turned on. For Good.

Christine Hart

Christine Hart, Love & Relationship Coach

For over 16 years, Christine has been guiding women and men to find, create and build amazing relationships by reconnecting with their authentic selves. She believes deep, powerful relationships are accessible to all of us. Her coaching focuses on getting clear on her client's individual desires and then laying out a plan to successfully reach their goals. Christine has been interviewed by over 200 media outlets and was the dating expert on 13 episodes of the TV series, LoveTrap. She has also created Hart Coaching Academy to mentor and train others to become Dating Coaches.

Christine Hart Coaching

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, Coach for Self-Employed People

At Live Your Truth, Elizabeth empowers thoughtful self-employed people to express their true selves in their work so they can be more successful, influential, and happy. She collaborates with you on methods to discover your truth, nurture your soul, manage your time, develop your relationships, market your work, and express your creativity. Elizabeth is a science nerd, attorney, mom, INFJ, eater of dark chocolate, devourer of books, and people-loving introvert. She has dedicated her life to help you accept who you really are, so you can live your truth.

Live Your Truth

Ellen Gold

Ellen Gold, M.Ed., LMHC

Ellen believes that we each have within us a beautiful and unique voice. She will work with you to help you to access your voice, to honor it, and to bring it out into the world in harmony with others. Her work is vibrant, body centered, spiritual, and transformational. She has been in private practice for over thirty years working with individuals, couples and families.

Psychotherapy and Healing - Contact Ellen at (212) 737-3330.

Jaime Myers

Jaime Myers, Seminar Leader and Coach

With a vision to support women in honoring themselves and having happy, soul-filled lives, Jaime brought together her knowledge, experience and community to provide teleclasses, retreats, and coaching for individuals and couples. She has spent the last 15 years mastering the distinctions of masculine and feminine, partnership and self-empowerment, including 12 years as a PAX Advanced Workshop Leader. Known for her humor, clarity and authenticity, Jaime delivers from the heart.

Jaime has also participated in other transformational disciplines since 1994, including being a Staff Member for Landmark Education. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband, Seth, and two young sons.

Shine Life Design and Queen Mom, LLC

Janet Fjelstad

Janet Fjelstad, Partnership Coach and Consultant

Janet is passionate about men and women living a designed life everyday! She coaches her clients to distinguish the unique gifts, behaviors, and values that define their own "personal culture". With compassion, insight and humor, she empowers her clients to design a life of happiness in work and in life. Janet teaches and speaks about finding your purpose, people, and relationships that inspire a life of passion, partnership and balance.

“Janet is a wonderful, compassionate, and understanding workshop leader who really knows her stuff! I've lost count of the number of times that either I (or someone in my group) brought up a real-life situation and asked for help. Without batting an eye Janet referred to prior lessons and showed us exactly how we could not only apply what we had learned to the situation at hand, but gave us exact verbiage of what to say in our relationships to create the better communication understanding that the program promises. She's like a Queen's Code encyclopedia - much like Claudia herself! Thank you, Janet, for everything. I am truly a different person now (a better one!) because of what I have learned from you.” ~ Paula Richer, Entrepreneur

Tango Services - Contact Janet at

Jennifer MacLean

Jennifer MacLean

Internationally recognized entrepreneur, author and creator of The Body Dialog system of healing, Jennifer McLean is a spiritual catalyst. Heart-centered and mindful, Jennifer works with the acclaimed masters from the transformational thought and wellness communities. Through her spontaneous and inquisitive interviewing style, she amplifies their teachings, helping her audience absorb their messages, no matter where they are in their own spiritual journey. Her world renowned Healing With The Masters teleseminar series is reaching more than 250,000 people in 203 countries.

Healing with the Masters

Julie Ferman

Julie Ferman, Matchmaker & Dating Coach

Julie Ferman is a personal matchmaker and dating coach, responsible for over 1100 marriages. As a PAX License Partner since 2007, Alison's curriculum and philosophies are at the core of all of her matchmaking and dating coach services. Registration with Julie Ferman is free and private, and will make you eligible for personal matchmaking referrals. Julie is on the Board of The Matchmaking Institute and is affiliated with the finest matchmakers throughout the U.S., Canada and all over the globe - no matter where you live, click below to register and we will be in touch with our personal recommendations for you.

Julie Ferman

Kimi Avary

Kimi Avary, Dating & Relationship Coach

Do you love your partner and feel out of sync? Do you feel like you're on the verge of divorce or breakup and don't know what to do? Need help applying the PAX principles to your relationship? You probably know that love isn't enough. I'm Kimi Avary, and I've been coaching for 19 years, and working with couples for the past 8 years. I help you turn your relationship around, reconnect with the love that started your relationship, and create the solid foundation that you need to withstand any storm. I offer a complimentary 90 minute Relationship Breakthrough Session to couples who are committed transforming their relationship.

Conscious Couples Network

Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright, Business Consultant & Workshop Leader

Lisa is passionate about people being seen and honored for who they authentically are in all aspects of life including work, family, romance and community. She conducts workshops and business consulting, providing clarity and insight on how to develop and sustain relationships while staying profoundly related to yourself and others. She is an advocate for human dignity, love and respect and is honored to bring PAX distinctions to her practice.

Effective Women

Lori Finlay Hamilton

Lori Finlay Hamilton, M.S., APRN, B.C., Nurse Practitioner & Wellness Coach

Are you tired all the time? If yes, you know it's almost impossible to be the Queen in your life! Women, Wisdom and Wellness describes Lori Finlay Hamilton. With over 26 years of experience in healthcare / wellness industry, Lori has coached and trained hundreds of women around the world and triumphed over her own health crisis - she gets wellness! By illuminating your relationship to men, yourself, work, diet and lifestyle, Lori can help you gain back your vitality and have access to the Queen within you. You and those in your realm, at home and at work, deserve Lori's Wisdom and Wellness.

Women, Wisdom & Wellness

Magi Speelpenning

Magi Speelpenning, At Ease Holistic Coach

Have you ever been blind-sided by a Cave Woman Attack? This could indicate residue from an early adverse childhood experience. Magi Speelpenning is an intuitive, powerful woman with over 25 years of transformational work in her repertoire. She discovered and gained mastery over the presence of her own unresolved early childhood traumas. As indicated by Kaiser Permanente's ACE Study, left unresolved, these energies exponentially increase our risk for disease and more. Magi's clients quickly and easily release these disempowering beliefs and behaviors, restoring balance and vitality.

“One session with Magi did more for me than any other type of therapy and counseling I've done over the last 15 years.” ~ T. Shull, USN, (Retired)

Miracles in Minutes - Contact Magi at or 425-417-9190.

Dr. Pete Farmer

Dr. Pete Farmer, M.D., Professional Coach

Pete has combined 10 years of executive coaching and the powerful distinctions of PAX from a man's point-of-view with 40 years of medical practice and personal development. Consequently, he brings a unique perspective to transforming the working relationships of men and women in business. His clients form powerful partnerships taking advantage of natural strengths in a culture of generosity, respect and appreciation.

Dynamic Actions Coaching

Rosemary Paetow

Rosemary Paetow

Rosemary Paetow is a thought leader committed to helping more women move into leadership roles in business. Her work as a scientist, CPA and strategic consultant to CEOs has led her to conclude, "The business world is clamoring for what women naturally possess." Rosemary conveys the keys to women's power in leadership roles through her firm, Solutions by Design. Alison loves her inquiring mind and delightful way of articulating the connections she's constantly making.

Solutions By Design - Contact Rosemary at

Sherie Zander

Sherie Zander, Ph.D., licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Learning Pax principles is powerful, yet making them a habit can be a challenge. If you struggle with depression, anxiety, grief, or addiction and want to heal unfinished emotional issues, I will provide you with understanding, freedom, and relief. If you are frustrated, hurt, or angry; if you feel neglected or ignored; if you are fighting more frequently and feeling misunderstood and you are ready to solve your relationship challenges -- then, contact me. I would love to hear from you and help to free you of emotional pain and create a satisfying relationship.

For 33 years I have helped women step into their feminine energy and helped couples improve communication skills, transforming painful relationships into ones that are harmonious, happy, and loving. It IS possible to fall in love all over again!

Relationship Specialist

Tara Rose

Tara Rose, Transformational Relationship Coach

Tara is a straight-talking and highly effective relationship coach. She has over twenty years of experience in the field of therapy and relationship coaching and has a thriving private practice. She is known for her deep understanding and keen perception while being able to translate her observations into knowledge to help clients shift and transform their ways of relating. She guides clients on a path from confusion and heartache to clarity and authentic connection. Her ultimate goal is to help people acquire the insight, learning, and practice to navigate the terrain of intimacy more effectively. With Tara's assistance, couples and individuals transform pain and struggle into deep love, connection, and vitality.

The Just Bee - Contact Tara at or 719-233-5221.

Tiffany Cano

Tiffany Cano

Tiffany's Personal Mission is to bring God's Light, Love & Healing to the world, and help people access their innate ability to heal themselves, their businesses, homes, pets and those they love. She incorporates her natural born gift of clairvoyance to her practice and is a skilled medical intuitive. She is well versed in Energy Technologies, including Reiki, Gemstone Healing, Massage, Reflexology, Meditation, the Alexander Technique, EFT and Shamanism. She found Pranic Healing to be the most scientific, comprehensive and effective energy healing modality. Her formal degree is in Sports Medicine. She offers healing sessions for People, Pets, Homes and Businesses over the telephone.

“Tiffany has helped me to get healthy and stay healthy, even with my demanding schedule. She has truly worked miracles with my body and my capacity for abundance.” ~ Alison Armstrong

Gifted Energy Healer and Clairvoyant

Wendy Newman

Wendy Newman, Author, Workshop Leader, Coach

Wendy Newman is Workshop Leader and Licensee for PAX Programs. Wendy joined PAX in 2002 and has led over 100 workshops and tele-classes to thousands of women. She has coached women in the areas of understanding men, relationships, sex and dating.

Her eight-week tele-class gives women the tools they need to date with grace, ease and staying power right up until they meet their mate.

Wendy is a discerning and compassionate fellow dater who navigated her way through 120 first dates before meeting her partner, Dave.

Wendy Speaks

Barbara George Vandeman

Barbara George Vandeman

Leads: Partnership At Work with Alison

Barbara has been an integral creative contributor to the evolution of PAX Programs since its formation, serving on the board of directors and as consultant to Alison. She is also a founder and leader in the creation of PartnershipWorks, LLC, an organization committed to transforming the way business is done through the integration of PAX information and distinctions in partnership.

With 20 years of experience as a senior executive at multinational companies, Barbara has successfully coached senior leaders and business owners for more than a decade. She brings a blend of business savvy and authentic heart that is uncommon and extraordinary in empowering her clients to turn vision into reality. A strategic and practical thinker, she helps her clients define objectives and implement solutions that achieve remarkable results.

PartnershipWorks, LLC