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Appreciation Equation

Appreciation Equation

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Do you have anyone in your life that seems stubborn? Resistant?

Hard to work with? Hard to live with?

Or are you the one that's lost steam, excitement or commitment?

These are all natural consequences of not enough appreciation. For many of us, appreciation can appear to be lacking in many areas of our lives. But what if you're surrounded by appreciation -- in the wrong currency? How do you have the people you provide for thank you in ways that are meaningful to you?

Or do you think you're showing appreciation but it's just not connecting? Do you wonder how to appreciate someone in a way that matters - and is energy efficient?

By listening to this Audio Program, you will:

  • Learn how we calculate "enough" appreciation - almost entirely in the background!
  • Learn how to provide appreciation for the people in your life in the "currency" that is most meaningful to them.
  • Learn how to determine your "currency" so that you can receive the appreciation you need.
  • Hear Alison's answers to common questions asked during the recorded program

Appreciation Equation

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