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LUX Liberation, Understanding, Xtraordinary Relationships


Alison puts Extraordinary Relationships within your grasp:

  • Transform your history of relationships by unhooking FUNDAMENTAL human instincts
  • Replace unconscious ways of listening and speaking that prevent CONNECTION and UNDERSTANDING
  • Cultivate the kind of CONFIDENCE and self-respect that ATTRACTS like-minded people
  • GIVE and RECEIVE more of what creates tenderness, generosity and passion

Alison Armstrong has spent the last 30+ years "reverse engineering" human relationships. She's been breaking them down to the smallest, most changeable parts, in order to transform what's possible and what's probable ~ in just 7 hours of enlightening and entertaining videos.

You'll LEARN:

  • How relationships actually do work ~ and what will make them never work (no matter how wonderful the players are)
  • What you can affect profoundly ~ and what to relentlessly avoid
  • How to create more intimacy, acceptance, support and appreciation ~ with the most energy efficient adjustments
  • What to pay attention to first, every time, to GET and GIVE what really matters.

You'll get to FREE yourself:

  • From old, habitual ways of interacting that leave people misunderstood, disrespected and unfulfilled
  • From instinctual needs for Respect that cause self-betrayal, self-sacrifice and shame
  • From resistance to support and appreciation and seeing the truth in yourself and others

And HAVE Live Interactions with Alison and other LUX participants:

  • To use specially designed listening exercises to "blow up your old brain" and make brand new ways of relating and communicating more natural and quicker to implement throughout your life
  • To practice ways of speaking that cause you to be seen and understood by the people you care about the most
  • To ask Alison for clarification, implementation and expansion (or just listen to her responses to questions provided by others).

New LUX Online Course

  • 7+ hours of stimulating, self-paced online videos
  • ~Revisit the course as many times as you like for 60 days~

  • Monthly Live Interactions with Group Exercises
  • (By conference call; includes recordings)

  • Private Facebook Group to continue to explore

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