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Extraordinary Lives & Loves Don't Happen by Accident or Even Hard Work...

YOU Being Extraordinary is the Secret

Your Extraordinary Options


Clarity About Who You Are, and the Life Empowering Your Best Self

Whether it's ambitions, obligations, the pace or just too many priorities, our lives are more likely to drain our life force than increase it.

We're left feeling out of control, less than we want to be, and far from fulfilling our own definition of greatness. The results are costly decisions, wasted energy and resources, and a lack of satisfaction no matter how hard we're trying.

Being Extraordinary as a Man or Woman

  • Get crystal clear on what matters to you most -- to be, to have, to contribute
  • Cause yourself to be the qualities you value, leaving you proud and consistently able to cause results that count
  • Make better choices and invest your time and energy in an upward spiral of confidence and power
  • Recover yourself from historical self-sacrifice and the disempowering expectations of others.

Awareness of How Your Power and Productivity are Sabotaged

Have you ever been doing great -- and then, what the heck???!!!

Sometimes it's a sudden or looming sense of overwhelm. Sometimes it's a well-meaning concern expressed by another. Sometimes it's a thought or fear we can't shake. Sometimes one leads to another. Self-confidence dims, actions are curtailed...and we feel 'normal' again. Familiar, comfortable, safe -- but deeply dissatisfied.

Critical Missing Pieces

  • Learn why and how you sacrifice yourself when you're feeling powerful
  • And why and how you sacrifice yourself when you're feeling weaker or less than others
  • Focus your intention so you're resilient to internal and external pressures causing you to lose momentum and satisfaction
  • Discover the most important choice you can make in every circumstance - one no one can make for you.

Freedom and Restoration from Injuries, Dishonor and Hidden Limitations

Every human being experiences limitations in some form.

They are like prison bars...but of our own making. What are you imprisoned by? Your history? Your fears? Something you did, or failed to do? The type of person you are - or are not? What seems true about you that keeps you stuck?

Extreme Freedom

  • Learn how men and women get hurt, disrespected, dishonored, betrayed -- even crushed -- by normal human behavior
  • See how the cycle of injury, conclusions and strategies inevitably produces more of what we don't want
  • Find out what it takes to be fully liberated from your past injuries, big and small, and be restored from their consequences
  • Learn and experience 6 potent techniques to reclaim and increase your worthiness, ability and sense of being free and self-authored
  • Become fearless knowing you can recover from anything in your past, present and future.

“I was beside myself when I realized I wanted this program to exist because I'd never, ever gotten to fit the pieces together when people needed it. I took Being Extraordinary as a Woman and Being Extraordinary as a Man, and I looked at 'what did people struggle with the most at this point, this point, this point and this point.' Then I put in the thing that would fix that, release that, the thing that would make space for that, empower that and clarify that, so people wouldn't end up in the pitfalls. It was like composing a sonnet or something.” — Alison Armstrong

Being Extraordinary as a Man
  • Understand how being compelled to protect and provide will have you go without what fuels your body, mind and spirit
  • Find out what brings out the worst in you, by antagonizing your innate male abilities and requirements
  • Transform your relationship to "needing" so you can powerfully ask for and receive what makes you strong, including time, space, peace, support and sex.
  • Restore your honor from the worst failures in your life preventing you from accepting what fuels you
  • Transform "receiving" from something that seems weak and passive to an active, powerful way to provide
  • And more!
Being Extraordinary as a Woman
  • See how being compelled to connect, nurture and beautify, AND produce results, will cause you to postpone what you need until the last possible moment
  • Deal with the voice of "the Ideal Woman" and reducing the impact on your confidence and choices
  • Transform your relationship to "needing" so that you can graciously ask for and receive what you need (and has you feel your favorite feelings)
  • Expand your ability to receive by knowing what and how to pay attention to gifts of every kind
  • See what to protect to become a model for others to know how to love, respect, honor and support you
  • And more!

Your Extraordinary Options

Which INTENSIVE is Right for ME?

Whether you choose to participate in either Intensive or not at all, everybody will benefit from Alison's unique perspective!

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