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Looking for the Right Time and the Right Words?

Own Your Ultimatums

ULTIMATUM: a final, uncompromising demand or set of terms issued by a party to a dispute, the rejection of which may lead to a severance of relations or to the use of force; a final proposal or statement of conditions.

What if Ultimatums aren't the problem? After all, everyone has at least one, in every area of life...

Something you can't live with ~ or can't live without ~ but probably have been anyway!

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  • Access 2+ hours of stimulating, self-paced Online Videos for 30 days
  • Utilize prompts to expand upon the value of the information in the videos and create a bridge to implementation in your life

Own Your Ultimatums

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Ultimatums can create more relationship satisfaction!

"It sure did!!! We are back in love. I had signed up for the live webinar...studying the material. It's awesome! We were really in trouble and this gave me the hope, the tools, and I released a lot of previous upset, just like that. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!" ~ Manuela, The Netherlands

You Will Learn:

  • WHY unspoken ultimatums always undermine love and passion
  • HOW the fear of ultimatums creates more problems than ultimatums themselves
  • WHY both women and men present ultimatums at the worst time
  • WHY lack of commitment causes costly "false hope"
  • HOW to articulate your ultimatums so they are clear and actionable
  • HOW both beliefs about "deserving" and "not deserving" will keep you from getting what you need
  • HOW to learn another person's ultimatums before surprise, betrayal and fear of loss cloud your judgment
  • WHEN and HOW is the best way to present your ultimatums
  • WHY ultimatums ultimately serve people committed to respecting both themselves and others.