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About Us


PAX Programs Incorporated was founded by Alison Armstrong and Joan McClain in 1995. We are mission-driven and in the business of educating men and women about the predicament of gender, the interaction of masculinity and femininity, and the principles of the paradigm of Partnership. PAX (the Latin word for "peace" and an acronym for Partnership, Adoration and Xtasy) creates peace between the sexes by providing unique and immediately useful information and a transformation in how we see ourselves and each other.

Our flagship program, Understanding Men (formerly The Queen's Code/Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®), is an online educational program to transform the way both women and men relate to men. It facilitates the reconciliation many people are seeking with men and outlines the skills necessary to realize powerful, satisfying relationships with all men.

To date, tens of thousands of women and men, age 17 to 83, have completed Understanding Men/The Queen’s Code Workshop/Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®, and a majority of them have attended advanced courses.

PAX is a relatively small organization with less than 20 full and part-time employees.

Consistent with our commitment to ensure that our education is available to all future generations of humanity, we are focused on these areas: capturing our information and insights; keeping our programs current and relevant; making our work accessible and affordable in a variety of formats; and continually sourcing our work from our hearts, integrity and spiritual nature.


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