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Are You Ready for a New DIMENSION?

Extraordinary Choices

If you're...

  • Craving closer, richer and more collaborative relationships
  • Striving for greater results and fulfillment in your personal or professional life
  • Yearning to understand and implement what works reliably to create, sustain and restore passion, safety and support with the people who matter most
  • Sensing there's a quality of life beyond what most people settle for...something exquisite...

or an unprecedented level of satisfaction in the workplace ~

Take Human Interactions to a New Dimension

What Extraordinary Choices?

Accountability at Choice

Honest Acknowledgment

Sincere Appreciation

Courageous Authenticity

Enough Clarity

Connection of SELF

Consistency with Ownership

Committed Entrusting

Process of Honoring

Purposeful Imagination

Empowering Pressure

Timely Release

Productive Resistance

Sufficient Space

You will Learn:

  • How to RISE above ordinary, normal human behavior, and limitations inherent in all relationships and endeavors, by developing AWARENESS of the compelling instincts and "old-brain neural highways" limiting the quality of our lives and relationships
  • To employ ways of Being, Listening and Speaking that bring Extraordinary Choices to life; for example:
    • How to nurture ACCOUNTABILITY, and the significance of ENTRUSTING your most treasured results
    • The importance of expressing ACKNOWLEDGMENT and APPRECIATION with "good timing"
    • How to listen to invoke CONNECTION and AUTHENTICITY
    • How CLARITY and IMAGINATION partner up to decrease fear and anxiety, and increase understanding, receptivity and results
    • How to utilize CONSISTENCY and PRESSURE to turn a "Yes" into reality
    • How to "hold your SPACE" in the face of emotions, opinions, deadlines and manipulation.

Extraordinary Choices is the next step.

Register & Start NOW with LIVE Classrooms and recordings posted weekly.

Extraordinary Choices

The Course with Alison

  • 5 Live Webinar classrooms teaching the 14 Extraordinary Choices with small group interaction
    • Thursdays: 5:00 - 7:00 PM Pacific Time
      On January 13, 20, 27 & February 3 & 10
      • The 5 Live Webinar classrooms are offered once each to ensure consistency in the content all participants receive. We apologize for the inconvenience to our many dedicated students throughout the world.
      • Recordings will be available within 48 hours.
      • For extensive live interaction with Alison and the other participants, consider the Extraordinary Choices Intensive which includes up to 15 hours of Explorations.
  • Replay access until April 13 (60 days)
  • Monthly Live Interaction Calls in March and April
  • BONUS: Critical Missing Pieces ~ Value $149


Extraordinary Choices Intensive
  • The Extraordinary Choices Course
  • 5 Live Explorations by conference call with Alison
  • Explorations include clarification of topics and small group exercises to transform how you're being, listening and speaking ~ this changes everything!

    On January 18, 25 & February 1, 8 & Thursday, Feb. 17

  • Two 75-minute Personal Coaching Calls with Alison
  • Extended Replay Access until August 10 (180 days)
  • 4 more Monthly Live Interaction Calls, May thru August
  • Extreme Freedom eCourse
  • Own Your Ultimatums eCourse
  • A Great Ask & Beyond Audio Program
  • Coughing Up the Truth Audio Program
  • Course Bonus of Critical Missing Pieces~ Value $149

Late Tuition: $5,495 through January 21

Limited to 30 participants

Apply Now

Either version of Extraordinary Choices -- the course or the Intensive -- will satisfy the prerequisites for Dance of Partnership and the new Heart of Partnership.

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