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Causing those Loving Feelings

Have you ever wondered...

~ What has LOVE blossom and grow?

Or wither and die?

And...Can YOU do anything about that?

"I propose that LOVE itself is infinite and eternal. It doesn't change. However, our individual experiences of Love vary widely, from expanding to contracting to disappearing entirely. By interacting directly ~ through our conscious perceptions, the ways we listen and the ways we treat ourselves ~ we can absolutely affect both having and receiving more loving feelings." — Alison Armstrong

IF you've ever...

  • Loved deeply and been shocked by its disappearance
  • Wished you could stop loving someone you know isn't right for you
  • Tried to love more - yourself, family, friends, or romantically
  • Struggled with "falling in love"
  • Been surprised by love changing in quality and quantity

Alison provides her practical and heart-felt observations:

  • What she believes the differences are between enduring Love and the fragile soap bubble of "being in Love"
  • Why feelings of Love increase or decrease, seemingly beyond our control
  • How we can consciously nurture the feelings of Love we want to have ~ for ourselves and others.

1 hours & 48 minutes

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