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Being Extraordinary Intensive


• Being Extraordinary as a Woman or Being Extraordinary as a Man


12 Exclusive Sessions with Alison, focused on Implementation


8 Live Interaction Calls with Alison to help integrate all the pieces

4 Live Zoom Sessions with Alison to customize key components of Being Extraordinary

4 Extreme Freedom Live Sessions to restore your heart, honor and power


Access to the Understanding Level online courses you've completed

Including the Bonus Live Interaction calls with Alison

Cross-reference, refresh and apply it all in the context of Being Extraordinary!

Apple, a participant from Wisconsin, shares how the Being Extraordinary Intensive impacted her life.

See the June 2021 Course Schedule and Preparation Plan

*Tips on Picking the Being Extraordinary course for YOU

Our behaviors are affected by so many variables -- including biology, hormone levels, being in a committed "Hunting Mode" or open "Gathering Mode" -- that it's common to relate to the experiences of both men and women.

Honor your experience of yourself and what empowers you.

We recommend considering:

  1. Did your experience of yourself resonate more with the information in Understanding Men or Understanding Women?
  2. Which list appeals to you most on the previous page, in the descriptions of what "You Will" learn and accomplish in each Being Extraordinary program?

If you choose the Pay In Full option, you'll get both courses, so no worries!


Want to go at your own pace?

Don't Need Individual Support From Alison?


*Includes monthly Live Interaction calls with Alison

"The course provided me with the strength, courage, and commitment I was able to find within myself! I no longer have to seek elsewhere!" ~ Marcella Sidelink

"Alison paves a path that any woman can follow to increase her femininity, happiness, health, success.... and any of qualities of life that are important and essential to her. She confronts the common belief that women have, that we must to produce in order to receive. It's a tough belief to release- and with Alison's gentle encouragement, we can open to receive the generosity of spirit that is abundant. The Online Program format is wonderful, as it gives you ample opportunity to review and reflect and engage at the depth you desire, to create the kind of life you dream. Beautiful gift to women!!! Thank you." ~ Elizabeth Mayne

"Thank you Alison and your Team FOR opening my eyes and giving me the opportunity to reclaim the power of being a Queen, for giving me my sons and my family back. It was the most important and powerful experience ever for me. My Being is full of Tears of Gratitude and Love. You are that light in a long tunnel of fear, frustration, agony and misery. You are the end of the voice that used to live in my head creating monsters and all kind of obstacles. Thank you!" ~ Victoria, New York, USA

"...Thank you for hitting the bulls eye regarding what makes a man feel extremely blessed by the woman who really knows how to be a queen. Alison, thank you for all the research you and your team has studied to allow us to understand what it is that women can become that lights our fire! Thank You!" ~ Gary, New York, USA

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Being Extraordinary as a Man

Being Extraordinary as a Woman

Extreme Freedom

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