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Exclusive to our site ~ Alison illuminates what makes it near impossible to trust men in every area of life. What if understanding why you can't trust them is the key to getting more honesty, connection, support and commitment from men? From dating to marriage, from intimacy to goals, from work to family, even from moment-to-moment, there are good reasons women can't trust men to do what's needed, what matters or what's expected.
Exclusive to our site ~ To have the connected and loving relationship you desire, getting the right skills and understanding is critical. Learn the 5 things Men Need Most from Women and what love adds up to for men. Find out what to accept and what to not accept (he’ll admire you for it!). And learn the questions that take your relationships from good to great.
A Novel by Alison A. Armstrong
This is a story of love, friendship and rekindled romance during a man’s mid-life crisis. Follow the lives of four unforgettable characters as they learn to understand each other in a profoundly heart-warming way. It will change the way you see all the men in your life — past, present and future. Available in eBook, Kindle, Nook or Audio CD read by Alison.
The long-awaited sequel to Keys to the Kingdom, The Queen’s Code reveals the secret to communicating with men, and a code of honor that will change your relationship to yourself and men forever.
Understand the Conflicts. End the Confusion. Make the Right Choices.
Our most popular program and credited by many happy couples. Grab onto fun, intimacy, and satisfaction in dating. Learn how to get what you need from your dating counterparts. Understand how “false advertising” sabotages your efforts to have satisfying relationships. Get In Sync with your dreams and the opposite sex.
This audio program expands upon the original Amazing Development of Men with three times more information. It also features comments by 12 men, adding their experiences to the Stages of Development. Make sense of men’s evolution, avoid the most common misunderstandings and mistakes, and harness men’s natural drives for more romance, better fathers and motivated employees.
Needing a whole new approach to consciously create more fun, love and joy during the holiday season? Transform your Experience with THRIVE the Holidays! Pinpoint what matters most, focus your attention and resources to cause what you want and prevent what you don’t, and free yourself from traditional or historical burdens and pressures ~ in any situation, throughout the year!