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What Authors and Graduates Are Saying About Alison

Mastin Kipp

Mastin Kipp, CEO and Founder of The Daily Love

“Alison Armstrong is the real deal. I don’t know anyone else who understands men and women the way that Alison does. She has directly impacted my life and helped me take my relationship from awesome to OUTSTANDING! I love her so much!”

Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean, Author Speaker, Healer,
Host of Healing With The Masters

“Alison Armstrong has created the most original life changing content on the planet, it literally saved my life. Who knew that understudying men – and women in the process – could be the catalyst for peace and a sense of safety in my life I had been yearning for. If you want to create a life of possibility for you, and the whole planet, seek out Alison’s material, there is literally nothing better out there.”

Arielle Ford

Arielle Ford, Author of The Soulmate Secret
and Wabi Sabi Love

“We are not born knowing the secrets to a long, happy relationship. Fortunately, Alison Armstrong has dedicated her life to this! In always humorous and easy to understand ways, she reveals how men and women can understand each other, resulting in relationships filled with love, satisfaction and contentment. (And who doesn’t want that!) Quit trying to figure this out on your own — run, don’t walk to her next workshop. I promise you will be glad you did.”

Terri DeNeui

Dr. Terri DeNeui, DNP, ACNP, APRN-BC, Nurse Practitioner, Author and Founder of Evexias Medical Centers

“I picked up Keys to the Kingdom on the recommendation of a friend, a few short chapters in I was hooked! Finishing the book, I visited the website hungry for more. My next journey was with The Queens Code book, and subsequently purchasing every available audio of Alison's work I could get my hands on. It just all made so much sense! Three years later, I have a renewed appreciation for and love of men simply by understanding who they are and what women mean to them that I want to share with every female I come in contact with.”

Julie Ferman

Julie Ferman, Legendary Matchmaker & Dating Guru, Awarded Best Matchmaker by iDate

“Alison Armstrong is God's gift to relationship. Having her in my home with me (via the Understanding Men & Understanding Women online courses) has been utterly awesome. What is assured in participating, for both new and seasoned graduate students -- Transformative insights, a deeper level of awareness and compassion, both for ourselves and for our fellow human beings. As a student, you will be transfixed, you will laugh, you will rewind / replay, you may tear up, but assuredly you will learn, you will be enriched, and love will grow for you.”

Will Spencer

Will Spencer, Podcast Host and Filmmaker: The Renaissance of Men

“Alison Armstrong is an internationally acclaimed educator and expert on understanding men, women, and relationships. She's also the bestselling author of "The Queen's Code." Yes, this podcast is about men and masculinity, but in her book Alison writes, "To know men is to love them," and I think that earns her a seat at the table...Give Alison just 17 minutes and I think she'll earn your trust, like she has mine.”

What our Graduates are saying...

“Alison's training is engaging, real, comedic and full of amazing information. I couldn't seem to put my pen many ah-ha moments for myself!” — Heather S., Florida, USA

“I have taken a number of courses on relationships over my lifetime. None compare to the depth of real, authentic, loving, and priceless information provided in Alison's courses. If you truly value your relationship and want both your needs met then Alison's courses are a must. Give them a try and decide for yourself. You will laugh, cry, understand, appreciate, and thank yourself.” — Al Kassam, Canada

“I am absolutely at awe and wish I'd have come across Alison's work sooner. Then again, maybe I had not been ready for it? The course has a tremendous amount of knowledge and is taught beautifully by Alison whose energy just lights it all up. I wonder how much better our lives would be if this was taught to us early on, how much more understanding, partnership, trust and true joy between men and women we'd be able to build. I'd recommend to anyone willing to stay open and wishing to experience all of that. I'm committed to learning and continuing to live the life of a Queen. Thank you :-)” — Agnieszka W., Warszawa, Poland

“Alison, thanks for taking so many for the team. The F Word, Rage monster and the dragon were so impactful as they showed up this morning as a result of the stresses of the COVID virus situation. Both of us are in such a hunter mode that had I gotten through that section before today, I could have squashed the dragon instead of letting him completely overwhelm our day and how we keep our families safe in this current situation. I'm going to grab my wife, "properly" apologize and then watch the section on noble healing. thank you so much for just being you. you are more than enough.” — Joe B., California, USA

“I am so grateful to Alison and the men and women at PAX for the work and effort they have put in to provide this information. I say this often when describing PAX work: IT IS LIFE CHANGING. This work has brought so much peace to me when it comes to dealing with my divorce and the aftermath. I have less anger and actually more respect for men. They truly are amazing! Thank you so so much!” — Latoya A., Texas, USA

“As a Doctor in Clinical Psychology, I have invested hundreds of thousands of hours, over 1.5 million dollars, and have traveled the world for personal growth, formation, and transformation. I have been able to be and learn from some of the best thinkers in the world. With all that said, I had been unable to figure out a way to honor myself or my ex-husband until I started my journey with Alison. From the very first time I spoke with Alison, she helped illuminate the cause of my suffering and what I could do about it honoring both myself and my ex-husband. I went from unclear, stuck, and fearful; to bold, optimistic, and grateful. As a result, we are both better off than before. It is brilliant! I cannot imagine how I could have done it without you, Alison. Very grateful for our work together." — Annette D., Panama

“I love you Alison! You just healed my soul, body, heart, spirit and reconnected me to my force of life. You also made possible for me to reconnect with my man...We are blessed to have you in our lives!” — Nasiveli S., New York, USA

“I cannot begin to explain how much the Understanding Men/Women courses have opened my eyes and have started me on my path to wholeness. Alison is a God send with the information she has shared with us over the years and continues to add more. All of the information shared with us is priceless. Alison knows my situation and through her research, has afforded me tools to help be develop into a better person, man and husband and has given me tools to be able to fight for what I need to fight for and be ok with releasing those things that are no longer that important to me for my betterment. Thank you Alison for all that you have done and continue to do. You already know that I love you with all my heart but if it puts a smile on your face to hear(read) it again, I Love you with all of my heart and so does my wife. Thank you again.” — Sean W., California, USA

“This course was a powerful inquiry to meet the challenges of the dichotomies of being human with more wisdom, effectiveness, and acceptance. I found Alison's authenticity and willingness to share her breakdowns, where her loops get snagged, how she navigates with her family and husband to be brilliant and empowering. I love her style of using definitions. I appreciate her setting boundaries of what she has studied and feels competent commenting on and what areas she does not. I always find Alison's energy infectious and her smile disarming to pierce where I might be unaware that I am unaware which allows me to grow.” — Barry, Massachusetts, USA

“Alison continues to be the reason why I am in a satisfying marriage. My husband and I have both taken many workshops and we continue to practice the strategies that we learn from her. We model these for our 4 children. What a gift! Thank you Alison!” — Stephanie S., California, USA

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