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The Essentials - Understanding Men, LUX, Understanding Women - $100 Off Until July 16

The Essentials distinguishes differences created by the sex hormones and mental states governing what brings out the best, and the worst, in men and women. PLUS, the key elements we can actually control, causing our needs to be generously met or resentfully neglected in every relationship.

  • 33+ hours of stimulating, self-paced online videos illuminating how our perceptions, emotions and communication styles determine our needs, sense of safety, and exactly how to bring out the best in ourselves and others.
  • Two 90-minute Live Interaction conference calls per month with Alison to clarify, implement and connect new knowledge and perspectives to real life issues.

Start with The Essentials ~ 3 Courses for 90 Days

$1292 Value, normally $745

Special $100 Off until July 16

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What's in The Essentials package?

LUX - Liberation Understanding Xtraordinary Relationships


Do relationships seem out of reach because...

  • You can't find or sustain a romantic relationship?
  • You've got one...But are questioning if it'll work out?
  • It's difficult to really connect at a deep level?
  • You've never been able to get what you need from others?

At LUX, overcoming these challenges becomes simple & accessible!

Liberation. Understanding. Xtraordinary Relationships

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PLUS The Essential Understandings!

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Understanding Men

Learn the "WHY?" of men's behavior and what to do

Pierce the illusion of SIMPLICITY

Bring out the BEST more predictably

Have more INTIMACY

Receive more SUPPORT

Enjoy better ATTENTION

Inspire more ADMIRATION

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Understanding Women

Learn the "WHY?" of women's behavior and what to do

See the source of COMPLEXITY

Protect the BEST more consistently

Receive more RESPECT

Experience more PEACE


Inspire more AFFECTION

Need more details about Understanding Women?

What if wonderful men and women are plentiful?

(and YOU are one of them)

What if you just need to understand how to bring out the best?

Save Money - Get The Essentials


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