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Understanding Men

Understanding Men Online Course Details

The Course is comprised of approximately 15 hours of videos divided into 12 sessions, plus 3 hours of audio recordings addressing key areas of interest after the course.

Session 1: Our Approach to Transformation

Session 2: The Source of Our Frustration

Session 3: The Effects of Emasculation

Session 4: Men as Hunters

Session 5: Laying Down the Sword

Session 6: Getting Quality Information

Session 7: The Keys to the Best in Men

Session 8: Communication Mysteries Solved

Session 9: His Needs are the Secret to Yours

Session 10: How Your Needs are Sabotaged

Session 11: The Panel (of men)

BONUS: How to Ask Men Questions

Session 12: Providers Play for Points

BONUS: Teleclasses with Alison Armstrong

  1. Bringing Out the Best in Men
  2. You Win When He Wins
  3. How to Change a Man (and What to Never Try to Change)

You'll Learn:

  • Why normal attempts to connect with men cause distance instead
  • What brings out the worst in men
  • What has men "clam up" and how to have them reveal themselves, and be glad for the opportunity
  • How to have men understand what you really need, even when they don't share that need
  • What has men commit to taking action for real
  • The words and attitudes that inspire men to act on your behalf, without nagging or manipulation
  • And much, much more!

Each Session is accompanied by optional prompts to help people with different "learning languages" assimilate and act upon the information more quickly and deeply. These include:

  • Self-Review Questions
  • Exercises to:
    • Conceptualize
    • Verbalize
    • Physicalize
  • Journal/Reflection Questions
  • Interview Questions

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