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Understanding Men Online Course Details

The Course is comprised of approximately 15 hours of videos divided into 12 sessions, plus 3 hours of audio recordings addressing key areas of interest after the course.

Session 1: Our Approach to Transformation

Session 2: The Source of Our Frustration

Session 3: The Effects of Emasculation

Session 4: Men as Hunters

Session 5: Laying Down the Sword

Session 6: Getting Quality Information

Session 7: The Keys to the Best in Men

Session 8: Communication Mysteries Solved

Session 9: His Needs are the Secret to Yours

Session 10: How Your Needs are Sabotaged

Session 11: The Panel (of men)

BONUS: How to Ask Men Questions

Session 12: Providers Play for Points

BONUS: Teleclasses with Alison Armstrong

  1. Bringing Out the Best in Men
  2. You Win When He Wins
  3. How to Change a Man (and What to Never Try to Change)

Each Session is accompanied by optional prompts to help people with different "learning languages" assimilate and act upon the information more quickly and deeply. These include:

  • Self-Review Questions
  • Exercises to:
    • Conceptualize
    • Verbalize
    • Physicalize
  • Journal/Reflection Questions
  • Interview Questions

You'll Learn:

  • Why normal attempts to connect with men cause distance instead
  • What brings out the worst in men
  • What has men "clam up" and how to have them reveal themselves, and be glad for the opportunity
  • How to have men understand what you really need, even when they don't share that need
  • What has men commit to taking action for real
  • The words and attitudes that inspire men to act on your behalf, without nagging or manipulation
  • And much, much more!

Alison Armstrong has spent more than two decades finding out how men really think, really feel, really love, and really commit – and how to make sense of everything they do.

She's figured out what motivates men to act and what causes men to flee. She can tell you the words to use - and the words to avoid - to inspire men to gladly provide even MORE than you dreamed.

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"This course gave me wonderful insight to not only why men do the things they do; but also insight into what I was doing wrong as a woman trying to date for a relationship that leads to marriage. Thank you!" ~ TW

"There were numerous ah-ha moments that explained so much. I wish I had taken this course before getting divorced, but I am glad I attended even now. It was really priceless." ~ Patricia B.

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