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Understanding Women Online Course Details

The Course is comprised of approximately 11 hours of videos divided into 17 sessions, plus 3 hours of audio recordings addressing key areas of interest.

Session 1: Central to Understanding Women

Session 2: What is She Thinking?

Session 3: Baskets and Bathrooms

Session 4: Taking the Time

Session 5: Speaking and Listening

Session 6: Saved from the Alien

Session 7: Successful Venting and Sign-Reading

Session 8: Support Is

Session 9: The Effects of Dependency

Session 10: Criticism Cuts

Session 11: Female Sexuality

Session 12: What Safety Is

Session 13: Having Enough Sex

Session 14: Maternal Instincts

Session 15: The F Word & The Dragon

Session 16: Bonus Healing

Session 17: Your Future

Bonus: Teleclasses with Alison Armstrong

Each Session is accompanied by optional prompts to help people with different "learning languages" assimilate and act upon the information more quickly and deeply. These include:

  • Self-Review Questions
  • Exercises to:
    • Conceptualize
    • Verbalize
    • Physicalize
  • Journal/Reflection Questions
  • Interview Questions

Be more successful with women, learn how to bring the best out in them (or you!), and discover how to stay out of those trouble spots! With the unique perspective and information offered, your frustrations will be transformed into opportunities for compassion, humor and effective resolutions.

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You'll Learn:

  • How women's brains process what is seen, heard and felt, depending on whether they are in "Hunting Mode" versus "Gathering Mode" (explaining everything from how women shop to why women cry)
  • What motivates women to act, react, interrupt and multitask
  • The simple things that spell R-o-m-a-n-c-e for women
  • How to support a woman when she's overwhelmed and exhausted
  • How to turn chatter and endless details into productivity and intimacy
  • To listen to women to create safety, connection, peace and space, giving them the ability to be gracious, patient, trusting and kind
  • How women instinctively relate to sex and what they need to have it, enjoy it and climax, so that sex is a joy instead of a chore, burden or duty
  • What her feelings really are to her, how to honor them, and how they get hurt when you don't mean to
  • Why the biology of female reproduction effects our drives to find a partner, have children, nurture others, and even stop nurturing others.
  • How to save both of you from the rampaging Rage Monster, turning disaster into victory.
  • And much, much more!

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