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Smart Singles Intensive

Bring Wisdom to Romance with 100+ hours of Online Courses and Products + Zoom Sessions

Are YOU...

  • Mystified by how everything you've done in the past has not worked?
  • Tired of attracting the same type of person?
  • Embarrassed by what you turn into when you've got great chemistry?
  • Frustrated with how "dating" goes in today's world, and want to opt out?
  • Longing to learn the profound relationship lessons you need to find your match?
  • Feeling hopeless about your romantic future?

to WIN at Romance?

The Mega You Upgrade Expired on April 13th.

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You'll have Immediate Access to Over 100 hours of Game-changing Information upon Registration

Orientation is April 11 & Classrooms begin April 25

Resources become available upon Registration!

Smart Singles Q & A

February 23rd Q&A with Alison - Recording

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In the Co-Ed


  • How the classic characteristics of men and women affect everything from attraction, initiation, follow through and commitment
  • Why the strengths and strategies people use to be successful in their careers consistently cause men and women to fail at creating the connections, intimacy and lasting relationships most people crave
  • What you most need to understand, and accept and protect for yourself, before spending your time and energy looking for someone who matches your needs and desires
  • When is the best time to communicate what you need, what matters to you most, and the future you envision
  • And much much more!


  • This Intensive requires a strong desire and commitment to build a foundation of self-awareness, and an understanding of how normal human behavior dooms us to failure and frustration romantically
  • The primary focus is on a conscious, informed and intentional approach to creating the romantic situation best suited for you, your life and your desires
  • There are no course prerequisites and you're strongly encouraged to begin utilizing the resources immediately!

The Smart Singles Intensive begins April 2023

Resources become available upon Registration!



We now have THREE Options to participate ~ to fit your time, your budget and your desire for individual attention from Alison

For ALL Smart Singles Participants:

  • 4.5 hours of Live Interaction Calls monthly for the Understanding Level and Being Extraordinary Level courses

For Smart Singles PACKAGE Participants ~ NEW!

(No Application Required)

  • Access the video and audio recordings of the 12 Zoom Topic sessions led by Alison
  • Participate in 6 monthly 60-minute Maestro Conference calls, specifically to ask questions related to the previous Zoom Topic sessions (Wednesdays 10:30-11:30 AM Pacific Time. May 3, June 7, June 28, August 2, September 6 & October 4)

PLUS ~ for Smart Singles Premium and Intensive Participants

(Application Required)

  • A Private Conversation for Alison to understand what you intend to accomplish, and to outline a customized plan for your timing and approach to the Intensive resources.
  • (The sooner you are accepted and have this conversation, the better off you are!)

  • The ability to participate in the 12 Zoom Topic Sessions with Alison and the other singles. These are devoted to Alison's NEWEST information from being a Smart Single herself, and key elements highlighted from the course content and the topics below. (Zoom sessions are recorded. Videos are viewable on our site and the audios are downloadable for your library.)
  • The privilege to email topic questions prior to the Zoom Topic session. Alison will address them in the session with or without you appearing live.

PLUS, PLUS Only for Smart Singles Premium Participants

(Application Required ~ Limited to 10)

  • 5 private 1-hour Coaching Calls, addressing your challenges throughout the Intensive and updating your customized plan for unimaginable new situations (these calls begin May 2023).

5 hours of Private Coaching with Alison is included in the Premium program only. Private Coaching with Alison may be purchased separately for $775 per hour; subject to availability.

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Applications still being accepted on a limited basis.

  • Honoring Yourself then Others: Utilize LUX's "Process of Honoring" to bring all your interactions to a new level of intentionality and intelligence
  • Your Point and Purpose: As a "Smart Single", what's the horizon for you? Articulate a match for your life and romantic intentions, especially if you weren't constrained by cultural norms and expectations
  • Living With and Without: Given your purpose, what are your deal breakers to have and have-not? Learn how to you attract the people who want to make your dreams come true
  • Objectification and Emasculation: See how both deliberate and unconscious diminishing of yourself and others prevents you from seeing and attracting great people
  • Power-More and Power-Less: See how these instinctive assessments rule what you find attractive, unworthy and "out of your league"
  • Clearing Your Space: Be guided in using the tools from Extreme Freedom to clear out the clutter, conclusions and "crap" preventing you from fulfilling your romantic intentions
  • Dominant Drivers: Become conscious of what's deciding for you -- the hidden values compelling us to act without consideration. See how they apply to the way you've dated and mated in the past
  • Appreciation: Understand the Equations, Currencies and Exchange Rates that have people sort themselves in and out of someone's life
  • Great Dates: Know how to prepare to be self-honoring, self-expressed and self-confident for any romantic occasion through "Short Lists," transition time and intentionally stating needs
  • Hitting the Bull's Eye: Commit to giving and getting the information needed so no one is "Clue-Less" and you get to give and receive "HOT!"

Smart Singles Q & A

February 23rd Q&A with Alison - Recording

Over 100 Hours of Programs & Products
Accessible Upon Registration at ALL Levels


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