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Central to Understanding Women

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Understanding Women

What if how much you love yourself is the limit you'll let others love you?

Whether you're single and know it's time to love YOU, or you're in a relationship and know "you" have been missing - this program is for you. Alison has you lovingly identify with yourself, and will leave you more understanding.

This co-ed program illuminates how men and women try so hard to connect, and why both parties are left so hurt despite best efforts. Misinterpretations, frustrations, and upset can be corrected! Including all the things WE BOTH do to provide for our partner ending in a total bust!

For men - This program helps you protect love and take care of the women you love so much more efficiently, and have all you provide received. Mysteries and frustrations resolved. BOOM.

For ladies - You get to honor yourself more, him more, and the dichotomy so much more. Transform all the frustrations into satisfaction and connection. Providing you SO much more with what you need.

Enjoy the many advantages of this ONLINE curriculum


  • Learn in the most important location – Yours!
  • Pause, rewind and replay the videos to maximize your learning style
  • Use the fun and challenging prompts to more deeply absorb and apply the information in each video session
  • Watch the program over and over as many times as you like during the time period you select
  • Provide and receive Private Facebook Group support

Understanding Women

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What Could Happen if you Understood Both Men and Women?

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