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Technical Support for our Mobile App

Downloading our App

  • Be sure to Opt-in for Automatic Updates, as we improve the App. Otherwise you will need to update from the App Store to access fixes and improvements in newer versions.
  • If you are having difficulties downloading the App on your Mobile Device, you may need to update your device to a newer Software. Check your device for Software Updates in your settings.
  • If your device isn't able to download Mobile Apps, email for how to listen on our site.

Accessing Alison's E-Books and Audio Programs

  • Make sure that you Login, so that you get the full products that you purchased rather than just the sample products that are bundled with the app.
  • When you first download and open your App, you can Preview E-Books and Audios.
    • If you have not yet purchased the E-Book or Audiobook yet, you will be prompted to purchase to continue.
  • Select Log In, to Log in with your username and password to read or listen to your purchased E-Book or Audio program.
  • If you are having trouble downloading your E-Book or Audiobook:
    • Be sure that you are connected to WiFi or cellular data in order to download the Audio or E-Book.
    • Check your Wifi or cellular data connection if Downloading stops.
    • If the above steps don't help, try closing and reopening your App.
    • You can also turn your mobile device off and back on to reset things, and to begin the download process again.

Using the App

  • Make sure that you Login, so that you get the full products that you purchased rather than just the sample products that are bundled with the app.
    • To adjust the font size or read in a "Night mode screen," click the settings bars in the top right corner.
    • You may skip forward or backward by 15 seconds by clicking the arrows next to the center Play button.
    • The Table of Contents is available to move forward or backward to the beginning of a specific chapter.
    • If you are not logged in, selecting any part that is not the audio Preview, will take you to a webpage to purchase the audiobook. Be sure to log in to access the entire audiobook that you purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I just purchased a product, and the app is still showing me the sales page or the preview product
  • After purchasing a product, you will need to tell the app to refresh your lists of purchases. With app version 1.6 and later, you can click the "Logout" menu and select "Refresh Purchases". With prior versions, you can Logout and then Login again.

  • The Queen's Code Audiobook is only playing the first chapter, and I purchased the full product
  • Make sure you're logged in; the main screen should say "Logout" in the top right (indicating that you're logged in) rather than "Login" (which indicates that you're not logged in).

    If you purchased the audiobook recently, you will need to "Refresh Purchases" (see question above) in order for the app to know about the new purchase on your account.

    Make sure that you purchased the Audiobook and not the E-Book. Check your Order History to make sure you bought the product you intended to.

  • How do I get the latest update(s) to the App?
  • Be sure to Opt-in for Automatic Updates, as we improve the App. Otherwise you will need to manually update from the App Store to get newer versions with fixes and improvements.

  • How do I access a Table of Contents for E-Books?
  • For E-Books there's a Table of Contents that will let you go directly to a chapter; you can access it by clicking on the 3-line icon in the upper right (they call it a "hamburger menu" icon).

  • The app is not going to the right location in the audio, when using the Table of Contents or when continuing an audiobook in progress
  • This was a known problem with earlier versions of audio products. It is now fixed and should be working correctly for all audio products.

    Note that the fix requires the app to re-download the audio file. You may need to log out of the app and log back into the app in order for the app to see and download the new audio file.

  • The audio isn't playing
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app; we had to make some changes to the audio files, and the older versions of the app can't play the newer files.

    If it's trying to play, but the counter never moves past 00:00, the other possibility is that the audio file didn't get downloaded properly. Best way to handle that is to remove the app (which will remove the cached audio file) and then re-install it.

  • I can't log into the app even though I'm using the right password
  • The app uses the same username and password as the website, so whatever username and password you use on the website should work also on the app.

    Some things to note and/or check:

    • Try going to the website (in a web browser), logging out of the website, and logging back in to the website, in order to double-check/confirm the username and password.
      • If your username and password is filled in by your browser's auto-complete, make sure to note what it is that the browser fills in for both.
  • I need to reset my password
  • You can reset your password by going to the website:


If your technical issue continues:

Submit a ticket:

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Email us directly to provide a picture or video of the problem. Email To:

Please provide in your email:

  • Your Full Name used on your account
  • Your Email Address used on your account
  • Title of the Book or Audio Program and where you're experiencing a problem
  • A description of the problem, and a picture or screenshot if possible