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The Queen's Code Workshop

Are Men a Mystery to You? Or just Misbehaving? Crack the Code!


  • Getting what you most need and desire from men
  • Appreciating men and yourself more
  • Really understanding men and knowing how to communicate with them
  • Falling in love with all men...

Understand why men do what they do.

You will find out what not to take personally, make sense of their most annoying behaviors and learn how to deal with them.

If you've been hurt by men in the past, injuries will heal as you look back on upsetting situations and realize what really happened. You will learn great alternatives for dealing with similar issues in the future. As you learn how to get what you need from men, residual anger and frustration will dissipate.

You'll learn:

  • How we bring out the worst in men
  • How we alienate men and drive them away
  • How to get men to reveal themselves
  • How to speak to be heard
  • How to get men to act, without nagging or manipulation

“My 30-year marriage went to another level and I am happier than I have ever been.” - Louisa Twohy, Relationship Educator

Over 20,000 Graduates since 1995 have Reported these Results:

  • Feeling more comfortable, confident, spontaneous and self-expressed with men
  • Becoming "Man Magnets," attracting more attention, affection, adoration, admiration and support from men
  • Experiencing more love, happiness, peace and fun in their relationships
  • Receiving more romance, presents, flowers, cards and other expressions of love
  • Having less conflict, heartache, frustration and disappointment
  • Promotions and raises with increased sales and productivity at work
  • Having more satisfying connections with sons, brothers and fathers
  • No longer having to be the man in their own lives

The Queen's Code

Live Workshop for Women Only!

Led by our PAX Certified Workshop Leaders, live workshops can provide the in-person connection, group exercises and concentrated learning and growth.

If you loved the book, you'll get even more out of the live workshop!

Register into a 2-Day Women-Only Live Workshop with one payment
of $849 or 7 monthly payments of $125.



~ A three-session downloadable recorded teleclass expanding upon what you learned in your workshop ~ $125 Value!

“I learned to understand and appreciate who men are at work and as a result, they respect, appreciate and support me more.” - Karen Miller, Reporter/Producer

Wondering if our approach is right for you?

Led by Alison Armstrong

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