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The Queen's Code Challenge: Understanding Women

As a WOMAN, You’ll Learn:

  • How women’s brains process what we see, hear and feel, explaining everything from how we shop to why we cry.
  • What motivates women to act, react, interrupt and multitask — it’s automatic and habitual but controllable and manageable.
  • The feminine purpose for speaking that causes chatter — and all those details — and how to use this compulsion to create understanding.
  • To listen to women to create safety, connection, peace and space, giving her the ability to be gracious, patient, trusting and kind.
  • How women instinctively relate to sex and what they need to have it, enjoy it and climax, so that sex is a joy instead of a chore, burden or duty.
  • Why the biology of female reproduction effects our drives to find a partner, have children, nurture others, and even stop nurturing others.
  • What it means to be a feelings-based organism; how feelings are the source of our magic and what to do when they’ve been terribly hurt.
  • And much, much more!

As a MAN, You Will Learn:

  • The tremendous differences in how women think, process information and are motivated to act.
  • How to support a woman when she’s overwhelmed and exhausted.
  • Why women speak and listen the way they do — and how to get what you need.
  • How to turn all the chatter and endless details into productivity and intimacy.
  • What her feelings really are to her, how to honor them, and how you hurt them when you don’t mean to.
  • How to save both of you from the rampaging Rage Monster, turning disaster into victory.
  • The simple things that spell Romance for women and create intimacy.
  • How women relate to sex and what they need to have it, enjoy it and climax.
  • How to deal with a person who cares more about feelings than facts and logic.
  • And much more!

“The F(eelings) Word & The Dragon in Understanding Women was extremely helpful. It brought tears to my eyes as I reflected on all the arguments I have experienced with my wife over and over again. The Rage monster came out and I didn't know how to handle it. It almost split us up. I wish I knew this in the beginning of our relationship.” — Anonymous, Burnaby

Come on your own or Bring a man, Any Man!

You can register for this workshop with your boyfriend, live-in partner, husband, sons, brothers, fathers and male business colleagues. It’s worth bringing any man who has a vested interest in you being your best self instead of your cavewoman. They’ll have more compassion, appreciate your courage and caring, and gain real tools and techniques for supporting you, romancing you and empowering you. Be advised: Sunday includes a colorful R-rated Female Sexuality segment that covers everything from what women need to have Orgasms to how to keep E.D. from defeating your sex life.

The Queen's Code Challenge: Understanding Women

Co-Ed Live Workshop!

Lead by our PAX Certified Workshop Leaders, live workshops can provide the in-person connection, group exercises and concentrated learning and growth.

Register into a 2-Day Co-Ed Live Workshop with one payment of $795 or 7 monthly payments of $117.


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