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Dating in the Dark?

You might be, IF:

  • You struggle with a lack of chemistry
  • You find yourself at cross-purposes
  • It's hard to connect meaningfully
  • You get stuck dating when you really want a relationship
  • You're diminished by the whole dang ordeal!

Alison illuminates what we're "in the dark" about that causes the process of dating to be a struggle or a waste of time.

You Will Learn:

  • WHAT are the CAUSES and EFFECTS of Chemistry
  • WHY men and women "date" — and how our purposes conflict
  • WHEN to CONNECT in a way that matters
  • THE biggest differences between "dating" and a relationship
  • HOW to use the dating process to Enhance your sense of Self

Are you Dating in the Dark?

Zoom Webinar Recording

1 hour 50 minutes

30 days of Access

Dating with Distinctions

Dating can be a Life-Draining, Fruitless Ordeal

Because we're mostly in the dark, without distinctions in:

  • How and When relationships actually "progress"
    • Don't be fooled and don't blow it
  • What to pay attention to BEFORE you take your clothes off
    • Don't let "hot" make you feel NOT
  • What most people need to be fulfilled romantically
    • Quickly sort out the folks that will never provide it
  • How to really CONNECT in ways that shape the future
    • Instead of getting stuck in the past - theirs or yours
  • What to DO - and When - to make Dating Apps work for YOU
    • How Dating Apps create Illusions of both scarcity and abundance
    • Escape the "Messaging Zone" faster and make the process more fruitful!


Zoom Webinar Recordings + Bonus Q&A

6 hours 40 minutes

30 days of Access


Save 15% In The Bundle

"In supporting the men and women of the Smart Singles Intensive, I've developed an urgent need to prevent the needless suffering I've witnessed ~ for everyone! Too much time, energy and heartache is being wasted due to misconceptions, a lack of self-knowledge, fear of reactions to self-honoring, confusion about our real needs versus cultural norms, and normal ignorance about the tremendous instinctual impulses mucking things up beneath the surface." — Alison Armstrong