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What a Man Needs Most from a Woman

ONLY $49 for 30 Days
Sale Price $26.95

Learn the 5 things Men Need Most from Women

Understand why a man does what he does...and doesn't!

Learn what love adds up to for men

Find out what to accept and what to not accept (he'll admire you for it!)

The questions that'll take your relationship from good to great

Illuminate why just telling a man you love him...doesn't cause him to feel loved

"This was so helpful. Both validating and enlightening. I found myself crying at a few different places because I can't believe that we don't all learn these things from the get-go. How much grief and trouble would be saved if we taught this to EVERYONE early on. Thank you!" ~ Abigail, Berkeley, USA

To have the connected and loving relationship you desire,
getting the right skills and understanding is critical.

Ladies: Learn the secrets of what a man needs most from a woman so you can cause the life with a man you always wanted… and get the happiness you crave.

Gentlemen: Understand what women aren’t getting about you, and why. Have an even better understanding of yourself, and what you need to be your best.

What a Man Needs Most from a Woman

2 hours & 42 minutes

Online Access for 30 days

ONLY $49

Sale Price $26.95
GET IT NOW ~ Only $49

“This course was a fabulous overview of what men find attractive and important. It complements Alison's book, "Making Sense of Men". I thoroughly enjoy Alison's perspectives on men's behavior and how women have the ability to influence it. I highly recommend this course and look forward to taking more.” ~ Jessica, Salt Lake City, USA

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