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Welcome to LUX!



Important Registration Information

  1. This LUX Live Event begins May 22 and concludes June 6.
    1. Please plan to attend all of the webinar sessions from beginning to end.
      1. May 22, 23, June 5 & 6: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Time
      2. May 26 & June 2: 6:30 - 7:45 PM Pacific Time
      3. You must attend all sessions to be able to join future sessions. It does not serve you to do the course out of order and if you cannot attend, you should wait for the Replay, released by June 22.
      4. The webinar design does not accommodate late arrivals and/or early departures. Late arrivals and Early departures will forfeit the right to the Money Back Guarantee.
  2. This is a large-scale event held Online. Please allow additional time for setting up and testing your technology/connection to the Webinar.
  3. The program will be recorded. You will be required to sign a Media Release and Consent during the checkout process.
  4. Access for 60 days to the LUX Replay will be provided regardless of Webinar Attendance, by June 22, 2021.

 I understand that clicking a Registration button below signifies that I have read and agree to all of the preceding Registration Information.


  • The 1st payment of $255 at checkout includes a $11 administrative fee
  • One additional monthly payment of $255 will be charged 31 days later

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