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To make sure this event is for YOU, and jump start your Freedom,

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Freedom from Being Ordinary LIVE in L.A. Alison Armstrong October 27, 28 and 29

Ordinary: commonplace; unexceptional; plain or undistinguished; the commonplace or average condition; something regular, customary, or usual.

Many people believe that we should be normal, happy and "well adjusted".
We should be able to accept ourselves and others, and handle stress easily.
Oh, and we should also have fulfilling relationships ~ naturally ~ in all contexts!

These beliefs ignore that we were born HUMAN; with hard-wired human instincts that CAUSE men and women of all ages to STRUGGLE with:

  • Truly understanding and honoring ourselves
  • Maintaining self-love, self-acceptance and self-care
  • Effectively expressing our most important needs and dearest desires
  • Gaining help and support ~ and turning "Yes" into new realities
  • Being true to ourselves in the face of fear, rejection and potential loss of respect and love
  • Competition and prejudice when we're seeking connection and cooperation
  • Feeling powerless to cause sustainable intimacy and commitment

Most of us try to explain, overcome, solve or hide these ordinary experiences personally. As if they are a reflection of something special, damaged, exceeding or unusual about us individually.

What if transcending our challenges depends upon questioning the true Origins of these struggles?

In a CO-Ed Live Event on October 27, 28 and 29 in Los Angeles,
Alison will illuminate and de-construct "the Ordinary Human Experience"
to transcend what we've inherited and cause what really matters.

($1,292 Value)

Tuition goes up October 4**

With Illumination, Fun, Courage, Celebration and a Sense of Humor, we will:

  • Transform our relationship to Anger from sources of Injury and Shame to a valuable indicator of what really matters to us
  • Gain access to the power of productive destruction within an experience and expression of unconditional love
  • Embrace the use of "Empowering Pressure" in authentic communication
  • Learn to "calibrate" our level of pressure so we can communicate effectively with people of varying sensitivities (both more and less sensitive than ourselves)
  • Disconnect instinctual forms of competition which plague women and men differently, and damage health, self-acceptance, self-expression and respect
  • Explore and, even, play with "prejudices" - those uncomfortable, ever-present, sometimes ugly, often shameful sets of thoughts, feelings and reactions - in their common denominator of perception
  • Develop the ability to cause deep connections and a sense of belonging anywhere we choose
  • And MORE!

Join Alison ~ and worldwide graduates of our acclaimed online curriculum ~ for this game-changing live event in Los Angeles. It truly begins when you register and start transforming your experience of men, women and relationships.

JUMP Start on ZoomTuesday, October 175:00 - 6:15 PM Pacific Time
Live Workshop at the Sheraton Gateway, LAX
Friday, October 2710 AM - 7 PM Pacific Time
Saturday, October 2810 AM - 7 PM Pacific Time
Sunday, October 2910 AM - 4 PM Pacific Time

(Attendance at all previous workshop sessions is required for admittance Saturday and Sunday. These are the only dates currently scheduled for this workshop. Alison does not promise to do it again.)

**Tuition and Pay Plan Options

2-Payment plan available

Paid-in-Full only

($1,292 Value)

*Online Course Prerequisites are a Bonus with purchase. AND they are so cool!

Start when you register, and connect with Alison on monthly Live Interaction calls for help with clarification and implementation of the 33+ hours of video. (Prerequisites must be completed before admittance on October 27. Yep - even if you've taken the in-person workshops.)

Watch the rest of the Q & A from Thursday, September 14

And immediately start Transcending the Ordinary!

Q & A   Part II

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