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Looking for a Whole New Reality?

Finding Humor in Being Human

ONLY $345


Have you ever noticed that Alison thinks being human is really, really FUNNY?

Join Alison as she illuminates and encourages you to explore characteristics of being human ~ regardless of gender or gender hormones. We'll empower ourselves by embracing simply being human, and getting a good laugh in the bargain.

Save time and energy spent resisting, condemning or justifying what we all have in common!

If you're...

  • Struggling with "patterns" that make you feel doomed to the same mistakes and lousy results
  • Regretting the cost of what you feel compelled to do, no matter how much you resolve to change or "do better"
  • Trying to live up to impossible standards - your own or others - and can't win (at all or for very long)
  • Finding yourself suddenly being ways you hate being, and confounded by how you got there
  • Spending time and energy wondering, "What's wrong with me?"
  • Longing for a simpler, kinder, "funner" and more effective way of understanding yourself and your behavior
Finding Humor in Being Human

Four Topic Co-Ed Series

  • Passion, Peace and Providence: Harness the hierarchy of human instincts to turn lead into gold
  • Freedom Under Fire: Transform your most reactive routines in the face of threats and opportunities
  • Embracing Power: Create freedom and authenticity by confronting the coveting, avoidance, use and abuse of power ~ with a sense of humor!
  • Ethical Wealth, Love and Affection: Recognize and disarm the attitudes and behaviors of modern monarchs, pirates, gamblers and prostitutes

*These 4 topics make up Part I of Finding Humor in Being Human. They are prerequisites to Part II and Part III, coming in 2023 and sold separately.

September through November

  • Four 75-minute Zoom classroom sessions from 5:00 - 6:15 PM Pacific Time
    • Thursdays: September 8, 29, October 27 and November 10
  • Two 75-minute Live Interaction Calls with Alison, for each topic
    • Thursdays September 15, October 6, November 3 & 17
      • 9:00-10:15 AM Pacific Time AND 5:00-6:15 PM Pacific Time
      • Maestro Conference system, accessible by phone or computer
      • Attend one or both times; get access to all 8 audio recordings within 48 hours.
  • Recordings provided online within 48 hours; available until December 19

ONLY $345


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