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Critical Missing Pieces

This program provides truly vital and immediately actionable information for individuals and couples participating throughout our curriculum*

This is why Critical Missing Pieces is part of every Intensive with Alison.

3 Hours - Access for 30 Days

*These programs are available to men and women who are graduates of both Understanding Men and Understanding Women. You must purchase these programs first.

You Will Learn~

  • Why the demise of all relationships begins with falling out of love over seemingly little things
  • Why our partners don't have the time and energy to give us what matters most
  • The good reasons why we're not a trusted source of information, making what we say not a fact
  • What to do if you start thinking "I'm better off without them"
  • Why old wounds keep cropping up - and what to do about it
  • Why you must honor yourself first or ALL IS LOST.

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"I was unable to see what was missing for me in relationships. I was doing things expecting a result and could not identify why often it did not turn out the way I intended. What is different about Alison's work is the level of clarity and the easy way to apply these powerful teachings in every context. I especially value the applicability of the concepts and the positive impact it's having in every area of life for me. I am very excited to bring this to all my relationships! Very grateful for her work!" — Annette D., Panama

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