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The Smart Singles Intensive

Resources Available Upon Registration

Start Learning Immediately

Curriculum recommendations will be provided from Alison upon acceptance, based on your application details.

Sessions and Assignments for Zoom Classrooms with Alison beginning December 7

All sessions take place live on Tuesdays, 5:00-6:15 Pacific Time. Recordings are posted on the Smart Singles Recordings page within 48 hours.

Session TUESDAYS PREPARE for this Session by Watching, Listening AND Completing the Exercises BEFORE SESSION FOCUSES ON
You're encouraged to begin your education immediately, utilizing the Online Courses, their Live Interactions with Alison, and the other course resources. Then you can review the materials before the Intensive Classroom which focuses on particular aspects of each.
2-Sep If possible, attend the LUX Journey Live. Head-Start: September 2, Explorations: October 21, 28, November 4 & 11, 2021.
BONUS 7-Dec Orientation: Integrating Classroom Sessions, Private Coaching and Intensive Resources How to Customize Your Intensive/Starting Your "What's True Lists"
1 15-Feb WATCH the LUX Online Course through Session 4, and apply to yourself. Access to Extraordinary Relationships
22-Feb No class. Prepare for next session.
1-Mar No class. Prepare for next session.
2 8-Mar WATCH ALL of the LUX Online Course and apply to yourself. Application of Honoring Yourself then Others
3 15-Mar WATCH Understanding Men through the end. Notice "Misbehaving" in you and others. Emasculating and Objectifying Yourself and Others
22-Mar No class. Prepare for next session.
4 29-Mar WATCH Understanding Women to the end and apply to yourself and others. Honoring Yourself First. Romantic Interactions = Workouts
5-Apr No class. Prepare for next session.
5 12-Apr WATCH Extreme Freedom and complete the exercises and lists. Use the methods to restore your SELF. Attend LUX Webinar Live if you can. Using Restoration Requires and Clearing Your Space
6 19-Apr LISTEN TO "Uncovering Your Hidden Dominant Drivers" recording and discern yours. Dominant Drivers applied to being a Smart Single
26-Apr No class. Prepare for next session. Be sure to have finished Understanding Men AND Women so you can start Understanding Love & Commitment.
3-May No class. Prepare for next session. Start on Understanding Love & Commitment.
7 10-May LISTEN to Appreciation Equation (2 hours), complete Handouts (+). Keep working through Understanding Love & Commitment. Connect the Appreciation: Equations, Currencies & Exchange Rates to your Dominant Drivers
17-May No class. Prepare for next session. Have a coaching call if you're ready. Keep working on Understanding Love & Commitment.
8 24-May WATCH In Sync with the Opposite Sex through the end. Think about your Purpose and "Deal-Breakers". Your Point and Purpose for Being Available for Romance. Living With and Living Without (Deal-Breakers)
31-May No class. Catch up. Perhaps have a coaching call.
9 7-Jun WATCH Critical Missing Pieces. Notice how you respond to Power-More and Power-Less. Great "Dates"- Self-honoring, Self-Expressed, Self-Confident
14-Jun No class. Catch up. Perhaps have a coaching call.
10 21-Jun WATCH Critical Missing Pieces. Think about your romantic "Short Lists". Committing to Clues; Receiving/Providing: What, How, When
28-Jun No class. Catch up. Perhaps have a coaching call.
5-Jul No class. Catch up. Perhaps have a coaching call.
BONUS 12-Jul Celebration of your growth and accomplishments. Prepare according to assignment. "Burn the Bridges" to who you were before Smart Singles

*If you haven't completed the assignments on time, you are welcome to be on the call live. However, please don't ask questions about other topics unless Alison opens it up for that.

You are encouraged to attend the Live Interaction calls for the various Online Courses you'll receive. There you can ask questions specific to each course.

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