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Extraordinary Relationship Intensive

June 2020 Program

Sessions and Assignments for Group Sessions with Alison

All sessions take place live, 5:30-6:45 Pacific Time. Recordings are posted within 48 hours.

Session WEDNESDAYS BEFORE EACH CALL: What to Watch, Listen or Read* Topics Focusing On
Bonus 20-May BEGIN WATCHING the Understanding Men & Understanding Women Online Courses How to Succeed in the Intensive
1 3-Jun READ The Queen's Code The Love Bubble
2 17-Jun LISTEN to Journey to the Center of You (4.5 hours), review Handouts Uber Values
3 1-Jul WATCH Critical Missing Pieces thru Session 3 (1.5 hours) Power-More & Power-Less Predicaments
4 15-Jul WATCH Extreme Freedom thru Session 12 (6.5 hours) Objectification & Emasculation - Clean Up
5 5-Aug WATCH Critical Missing Pieces thru Session 6 (1.5 hours) + Begin BEX Woman/Man Stating the Obvious, Committing to Clues
6 19-Aug LISTEN to The Appreciation Equation (2 hours), complete Handouts Appreciation Currencies & Exchange Rates
7 2-Sep WATCH Critical Missing Pieces thru Session 9 (1.5 hours) + Continue BEX Woman/Man Worth It Calculations + Time & Money
8 16-Sep WATCH BEX Woman #8 (5.1 hours) OR BEX Man #9 (4.5 hours) Life Short Lists. Revisit Better Offs
9 7-Oct WATCH BEX Woman #15 (7.5 hours) OR BEX Man #13 (4 hours) Noble Qualities & Noble Needs
10 21-Oct WATCH BEX Woman #20 (3.5) OR BEX Man #17 (2 hours) Receiving and Providing: What, How, When
11 4-Nov THINK about where and how you need to be Independent/Self-Sufficient Independence and Self-Sufficiencies
12 18-Nov THINK about your relationship to Time and Money including "yours, mine and ours" Time and Money
13 9-Dec re-READ The Queen's Code Chapter 5 or listen to Celebrating Partnership 8th CD Delicious Sexual Partnerships
14 13-Jan SUBMIT topics/questions to SUBJECT: ERI Session 14 Free Skate
15 27-Jan SUBMIT topics/questions to SUBJECT: ERI Session 15 Free Skate

*If you haven't completed the assignments on time, you are welcome to be on the call live. However, please don't ask questions about other topics unless Alison opens it up for that.

You are encouraged to attend the Live Interaction calls for the various Online Courses you'll receive. There you can ask questions specific to each course.

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