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Freedom Package - Terms and Conditions

All Purchases

  1. All prices are in US Dollars.
  2. If your purchase is eligible for a refund, your refund is subject to a 10% cancellation fee. If the program or product you're purchasing is eligible for our conditional money-back guarantee, that will be stated in a section specific to your purchase below. Completion of the program may be required.
  3. You agree to not cancel, revoke, charge-back or dispute any previously entered charge on your credit card, unless prohibited by law. If, after making a payment or payments by credit card, you later dispute properly authorized charge(s), you will pay all fees and costs incurred by PAX Programs Incorporated as a result of the improper cancellation, revocation, charge-back or dispute. You authorize PAX Programs Incorporated to charge such fees and costs on the credit card provided by you to register.
  4. If you receive any bonuses with your purchase, they must be used within the stated time frame. The bonuses have no cash redemption value and no refund value. PAX Programs Incorporated may substitute a bonus program or product of equal or greater value. If you cancel the purchase with which a bonus was provided, any unused bonuses will be also canceled, and PAX Programs Incorporated reserves the right to charge the regular rate for all bonuses you have fulfilled.

Freedom Package Terms and Conditions

  1. To start watching immediately after Checkout, or to return and watch your program:
    1. Log In to your account and select "Access Online Programs".
    2. Click the Online Course name and the system will connect you with the last session you were on.
    3. You will also receive these instructions via email, after checkout from
  2. Your purchase gives you access to the Online Courses, Bonus Live Interaction calls and Audio Programs personally and individually. Sharing Online Course access or Live Interaction access with another or others will constitute a violation and may result in termination of privileges without a refund.

Pay In Full Terms and Conditions

  1. By paying in full, you are provided immediate access to each Online Course and Audio Programs purchased in your Package through the "My Account" section at for 200 days, and this access will complete delivery of this Package.
  2. If you cancel your registration of this package, or any part of this package, you will be refunded for any online course that you have not started, or not had access to yet due to unfulfilled prerequisites, according to the following terms.
    1. Your refund will be at the rate discounted within the package.
    2. In addition, you will be charged a $75 Cancelation Fee for each course canceled.
    3. For a complete list of net refund values, email

Payment Plans Terms and Conditions

Your first payment will be charged at checkout and includes the administrative fee. The subsequent 6 payments of $199 will be charged to the same account on a 31-day cycle. Each payment is not refundable after such payment is made.

  1. After checkout, you will have access to each audio on the Alison Armstrong Mobile App. You'll have access to each Online Course on our website for 90 days. Access begins when prerequisites have been fulfilled and according to the payment schedule as follows:
    • With your 1st Payment, you will receive access to:
      • Appreciation Equation
      • Cure for Complaining
      • Great ASK and Beyond
      • Coughing Up the Truth
      • Extreme Freedom online course
    • Upon your 2nd payment, you will receive access to the Understanding Sex & Intimacy online course
    • Upon your 3rd payment, you will receive access to the Being Extraordinary online course that you have chosen
    • Upon your 4th payment, you will receive access to the Understanding Love & Commitment online course
    • Upon your 5th payment, you will receive access to the Extraordinary Choices online course.
  2. If you cancel your registration of this package, or any part of the package, your tuition will be affected as follows:
    1. Your Online Courses will be cancelled and your Access will be terminated.
    2. Future payments will be canceled and no monies previously paid will be refunded.
  3. A charge of $20 will be assessed for any changes to the payment schedule.
  4. If any of the payments are declined for any reason, PAX Programs Incorporated is authorized to assess and collect a Decline Fee of $15 for each occurrence. It is your responsibility to contact PAX Programs Incorporated to rectify the problem. Until the problem is rectified and the payment plan brought current, access to all online components of the Mega You Package Intensive will be suspended.
  5. After participating in the selected program(s), if you default on the remaining payments, you will reimburse PAX Programs Incorporated for all costs associated with collecting the remainder of the tuition, including but not limited to, attorney's fees and costs of court.